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No one wants advice -- only corroboration. — John Steinbeck

A person of mature years and ripe development, who is expecting nothing from literature but the corroboration and renewal of past ideas, may find satisfaction in a lucidity so complete as to occasion no imaginative excitement, but young and ambitious students are not content with it. They seek the excitement because they are capable of the growth that it accompanies. — Charles Horton Cooley

Any perjury case is a tough case. You just don't go on 'he said-she said.' You have to find corroborating evidence. — Victoria Toensing

But because we live in an age of science, we have a preoccupation with corroborating our myths. — Michael Shermer

There is no justifiable prediction about how the hypothesis will hold up in the future; its degree of corroboration simply is a historical statement describing how severely the hypothesis has been tested in the past. — Robert Nozick

All birds are incipient or would-be songsters in the spring. I find corroborative evidence of this even in the crowing of the cock. — John Burroughs

A prisoner in the Inquisition is never allowed to see the face of his accuser, or of the witnesses against him, but every method is taken by threats and tortures, to oblige him to accuse himself, and by that means corroborate their evidence. — John Foxe

I think [Theosophical and Masonic books] wasn't that I was inspired so much. I was corroborated by them. — Paul Laffoley