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I was going to have cosmetic surgery until I noticed that the doctor's office was full of portraits by Picasso.

— Rita Rudner

Bumbling Cosmetic Surgery quotations

Cosmetic surgery quote There is no cosmetic for beauty like "happiness".
There is no cosmetic for beauty like "happiness".

Cosmetic surgery processes the bodies of woman-made women, who make up the vast majority of its patient pool, into man-made women.

When asked her view of cosmetic surgery, Carmen Dell'Orefice replies, '”That's a very polite way of asking me, I'm sure, ‘Have you had a facelift?' Well, if you had the ceiling falling down in your living room, would you not go and have a repair?

An unforgiving nature reflects in your face.

Holding negative energy drags down the facial muscles, puckers one's frown and causes lines around the mouth. Working daily on forgiveness (forgiving oneself as well as one's enemies) is the cheapest, most effective facelift in the whole wide world. All it requires is love and discipline.

I have a professional acquaintance whose recent eyelid job has left her with a permanent expression of such poleaxed astonishment that she looks at all times as if she had just read one of my books.

What does it profit a 78-year-old woman to sit around the pool in a bikini if she cannot feed herself?

I can't even get three weeks off to have cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is terrifying. It never looks good. Those women look weird. They look in the mirror and think they look great, but they don't see what we see. I think it's hideous. They scare small children.

People in California seem to age at a different rate than the rest of the country. Maybe it's the passion for diet and exercise, maybe the popularity of cosmetic surgery. Or maybe we're afflicted with such a horror of aging that we've halted the process psychically.

Cosmetic surgery and the ideology of self-improvement may have made women's hope for legal recourse to justice obsolete.

Our first and true home was Paradise: a land that is both perfect and eternal.

So the yearning for that type of life is a part of our being. The problem is that we try to find that here. And so we create ageless creams and cosmetic surgery in a desperate attempt to hold on-in an attempt to mold this world into what it is not, and will never be.

I'm addicted to cosmetic surgery!

I have had some cosmetic surgery, especially after I lost weight and stuff, and I've had my breasts lifted - but not injected. That would scare me to death, anyway.

You can't treat an illness with cosmetic surgery, and that's why it would be great if there were qualified therapists in plastic surgeons' offices, and that people would go to a therapeutic meeting before plastic surgery. I think that should be part of the FDA requirement.

If you want to have plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, live it up;

go ahead and have it. But if you don't want to have it, don't have it.

I don't think there is anything wrong with cosmetic surgery at all.

I think it's great. But I don't think it's alright to distort yourself.

Because of all the cosmetic services like skin whitening and hair bleaching, there is a lot that people can do to change their appearance without having actual surgery. It's quite common in Thailand and Korea and Japan.

Hair is just one way of expressing ourselves.

We express ourselves through how we dress or through tattoos or body art or piercings or cosmetic surgery.

I would love to make a film about aging that would take place before the war.

It would follow the stages in the life of a woman who would not have at her disposal the resources of today like cosmetic surgery, creams and pills.

I notice that the number of cosmetic-surgery operations has risen by 34 per cent in the past year. Once we subtract Jordan, Jodie Marsh and Michael Jackson from those figures, we can see that demand overall may have stabilised.

I can't imagine having cosmetic surgery because I have my values and little family who makes me feel incredibly accepted but you never know.

Members of the Senate are considering a tax on cosmetic surgery.

When they brought it up, you should have seen the look that Nancy Pelosi's face tried to make.

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