quote by John Adams

There's no such thing as a free lunch, unless you have a coupon for a free lunch...or someone gives you a lunch...never mind.

— John Adams

Most Powerful Couponing quotations

The best things in life are never rationed.

Friendship, loyalty, and love. They do not require coupons.

The best things in life are never rationed. Friendship, loyalty, love do not require coupons.

I bet you a handful of Chili's coupons that Jesus had a foot fetish.

A man in love is like a clipped coupon -- it's time to cash in.

I try to do the right thing with money.

Save a dollar here and there, clip some coupons. Buy ten gold chains instead of 20. Four summer homes instead of eight.

I actually wanted to be a fashion designer.

I did a lot with the sewing machine at home - - for Barbie or for carnival or just for fun. Then I saw this ad in the newspaper. And as young girls sometimes do some stupid things, I filled in the coupon and sent in my photos.

Soup's on and I got a coupon. Chinese restaurant asking for the Grey Poupon. He said "No, duck sauce, soy sauce... And this ain't no Burger King, so you no get no toy, boss."

I guess I showed certain signs of being a workaholic in early years;

I had a magazine route very early on - I must have been about seven or eight years old or something like that - when I was carrying Liberty magazine, trying to win green and brown coupons; I eventually [won] a pony.

They'll just cut our wrists like Cheap coupons and say that death Was on sale today.

Look at the big-ticket items, in your budget.

Your home or apartment. Your car. Your insurance. If you are overspending on these big monthly bills, then money's draining out of your pocket a lot faster than you can replace it by clipping coupons or buying cheaper coffee.

I saw certain things that I think maybe other kids are protected from.

Like, I saw my parents struggling. I knew that we were cutting out coupons and buying dented cans because they were cheaper. And all our furniture was from the garbage. It was just - and to me because I was a kid, all that stuff was really exciting.

What is eternity? You're on the checkout line at a supermarket.

There are seven people in front of you. They are all old. They all have two carts and coupons for every item. They are all paying by check. None of them have ID. It's the checkout girl's first day on the job. She doesn't speak any English. Take away fifteen minutes from that, and you begin to get an idea of what eternity is.

I worked for Jeff Kelin. He was a marketing genius before his time. Coupons, car rebates and the value meal (as we know it today) all came from his marketing genius. At 19 years old, I had two jobs, one with Andy Warhol, and the second with Jeff Kelin.

If you go to Bed Bath & Beyond without a coupon, people will wonder if you're OK.

The well-meaning people who talk of education as if it were a substance distributable by coupon in large or small quantities never exhibit any understanding of the truth that you cannot teach anybody anything that he does not want to learn.

When you think of couponing, you picture a mom cutting coupons out of the back of the newspaper.

I do not doubt that services like social games and coupons bring delight to peoples lives, and I mean no disrespect to the hard work that has made them possible. But in the face of threats to humanitys future on the one hand and the extraordinary potential of mankind on the other, at some point we must ask: are we capable of more?

I clip coupons all the time. Why should you pay more for something that someone else is paying less for?

Alternative Lifestyles, the emotional fly-drive packages of our times, come equipped with a set of clothes, a choice of authors, a limited menu of sports and a discount coupon book of clichés.

The onset of adulthood is an organic, creeping process.

No one wakes up one day and decides, 'Lo, on this day I shall forever put away childish things and begin clipping coupons to go to Wal-Mart.'

English literature is a glorious inheritance which is open to all - there are no barriers, no coupons, and no restrictions. In the English language and in its great writers there are great riches and treasures, of which, of course, the Bible and Shakespeare stand along on the highest platform.

What is said in James 2:14 ff. is like a two-coupon train or bus ticket. One coupon says, "Not good if detached" and the other says, "Not good for passage". Works are not good for passage; but faith detached from works is not saving faith.

Economics played a role. Raleighs have gone from six fifty to nine dollars a carton, but there's a three-quarter cent coupon on the back. You can get all kinds of things with them, blenders, everything. I saved up enough one time and got Al Bumbry.

I don’t do coupons or Reeboks. Life is too short to half-step.

I must have been born under an unlucky star.

You know I have filled out entry blanks for every single drawing in the supermarket for the last twelve years, and the only thing I ever won was a coupon for a small little jar of tomato paste. But they were out of tomato paste, and by the time they got more in, my coupon had expired. And now I have venereal disease.

Mitch's Pizzaria... this week's coupon: unlimited free pizza. Special Note: coupon not good at any of the Mitch's Pizza locations. Free pizza oven with purchase of a small Coke. Two-for Tuesday: buy one pizza, get one franchise free.

I cut coupons, love specials and believe in buying toilet paper and toothpaste in bulk. It's just who I am.

Throw in something extra. Whether it's a coupon for a future discount, additional information on how to use the product, or a genuine smile, people love to get more than they thought they were getting. And don't think that a gesture has to be large to be effective.

My mother is the kind of woman you don't want to be in line behind at the supermarket. She has coupons for coupons.