Most Powerful Couric quotations

I'm sick of the pussies on the right, if I can use that word, they're pathetic.

The poll-tested, Republican strategist driven candidate whose job is to try and not get into a battle with the mainstream media and be liked by Katie Couric is a threat to America. It's a clear and present danger to a country that's in steep peril.

I'm going to stay here and see if he comes back," Wrath said as the double doors opened and V strode in. "I want the rest of you out searching for him in the city, but before you go, first let's get an update from our very own Katie Couric." He nodded at Vishous. "Katie?" V's glare was the ocular version of a fully extended middle finger

You'd think if anyone could charm America into caring about the evening news, it would be Katie Couric, the Tri Delt from Virginia who became America's sweetheart on the 'Today' show. But her ratings have been dismal - she comes in last place every week.

E.T.' and 'Extra,' they are too salacious. They go, Oooh, Katie Couric just broke up with X. 'Access Hollywood' is really good entertainment news. It's not dirty, and we don't get cheap.

Katie Couric is one of my favorite people.

During an interview with Katie Couric Tuesday, Sarah Palin says she is not opposed to gay people, adding 'One of my absolute best friends for the last 30 years happens to be gay and I love her dearly and she doesn't exist.'