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After years of begging, I got my parents to get me a little Craig tape recorder, a reel to reel. Then I started recording voices, or recording Jonathan Winters off television and stuff like that.

— Dana Carvey

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I can't be gay! I'm a happily married conservative, just like Ted Haggard and Larry Craig.

Ski. Sled. Play basketball. Jog. Run. Run. Run. Run home. Run home and enjoy. Enjoy. Take these verbs and enjoy them. They're yours, Craig. You deserve them because you chose them. You could have left them all behind but you chose to stay here. So now live for real, Craig. Live. Live. Live. Live. Live.

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I've got no sympathy for him whatsoever.

I just wish we had got 10 past him. At the end of the day we've got to be ruthless and we are in the business of winning for us. If they had scored three or four, nobody would have said do you feel sorry for Mark Bosnich? We don't feel sorry for Craig Forrest.

To Craig's [ Brewer] credit, I felt totally safe on the set [of Black Snake Moan] . And because I felt safe, Sam[L.Jackson] had to protect me. He got upset at all the physical stuff Craig wanted me to do. When I start doing stuff like that, all the screaming and running, I kinda go out of my head. I'm not necessarily in my own body anymore.

It's a surreal thing because you are there and made up and dressed up as if you're making the film. You do the scene, which is going to be in the film, and I met him [Daniel Craig] and I'm working with the director, and so it is different to just a normal audition.

Craigslist is about authenticity. Craig has paid his dues, and people respect him.

The reason I went for Jenny Craig is I thought, Maybe I'm not the only one who has stupid reasons for getting fat.

Pardon me, Mr. Craig, but how are we going to defense Mr. McCovey... in the upper deck or the lower deck?

Craig Nelson who is an actor and is in a show called Coach in the United States.

We began to do some improvisational stuff and we used to get laughs and things.

Bashful=Spanish, Miss Gardenia Doc=Psychology, Mr.

Wang Happy=Chemistry 2, Mr. Durbin Dopey=English Lit., Mr. Purcell Dippy=Math, Mrs. Craig Dumbass=PE, Coach Crater

I watched a lot of the James Bond movies, certainly, both the old ones and the reboot with Daniel Craig. I watched a lot of the Matt Helm films with Dean Martin, which just have these great car scenes where it's rear-projected, and they just start making martinis out of a bar in the glove compartment.

I have a thing that I do when I meet famous people where I try to play it really cool. Sometimes I pretend like I don't know them.I was at this party and James Bond was there. Daniel Craig, but I think he goes by James Bond. Anyway, my wife is in love with him. He was in a tuxedo looking all James Bondish.

I am voice actor Roger Craig Smith. You may know me as Batman, Captain America, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ezio from Assassin's Creed, Transformers: RID, or narrator of “Say Yes To the Dress” (among many other things). AMA!

When I found out that I was going to be CBS every morning, my first phone call was to Jenny Craig. Ten days later, I lost nine pounds. Now I even take the plan's popcorn with me to the movies.

Subtle, funny and touching, with a striking downbeat authenticity.

Director Craig Zobel is the real thing.

The magical descriptions of Italy and hilarious observations about love, travel, natives and foreigners in Love in Idleness are but a few of its many pleasures. Amanda Craig has created a hot shimmery climate in which a cast of old friends, quirky family members and naughty children who make love potions come to know themselves and their hearts. A delightful brew.

I'm quite looking forward to the fact that people know me as Richard rather than Craig.

It was great as an actor to be given the story line I was given but I didn't expect Craig to stay so it was a lovely twist when I found out they'd decided to keep him.

I also liked Daniel Craig. He's not like any other Bond. So we'll see. In 10 years I might be cursed for doing it, but I'm very grateful for what it has done for me.

I was dreaming of Craig Carton.

Since I was 12 or 13, I have been taking movie meetings finding a project right for me because I wanted to try it. Craig gave us the script - it was set in Wales, it is really British humour. I just loved it.

We didn't have a lot of time to really prepare for a great chemistry.

It was more instantaneous and instinctive. In the morning I went to Daniel Craig trailer and if I wanted to make some changes there was sort of a go between me and the director. It was good because Daniel is always like, "C'mon let's go for it. Let's fight for it!"

I was cast last minute for Casino Royale.

They asked me to fly to Prague. I liked the script very much. I flew to Prague and did a bit of an audition. I was really focused and stressed out. And Daniel Craig was there. He was very, very blonde, like a Steve McQueen. He's moving a lot in real life. He's quite nervous. He was very lovely, very patient, and really connecting with me when we did the screen test.

In the make-up trailer there are always lots of trashy magazines and it's always quite pleasant to go through them in the morning. That's when I realized, "Oh my, it's quite nasty". There was a lot of pressure on Daniel Craig. He was quite nervous and paranoid, especially in the Bahamas on the beach, lots of paparazzi. Even on me in France - nasty things! Like I was going to get fired, I was so bad.

I think I've learned a lot working with actors as experienced as Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. They taught me that whatever happens during a take, you should just carry on. Don't ever stop until the director tells you to stop.

I have so much respect for Sam [L.Jackson] that if I had questions about anything, I would call and ask him if he agreed with me before I brought it up with Craig [Brewer].

I can't fault [Donald] Trump for firing [Craig] Deare.

Then again, I also can't fault Deare for going berserk. Sometimes a marriage just doesn't work.

Daniel Craig is the new James Bond. I did a lot of research on him too but during the promotions, I focused mainly on Johnny Depp. There's a mysterious charm about him just by the way he looks, talks and moves.

I wanted to do things that had never been seen before so a lot of research went into it. Oh, even though I like Justin, but during Strong Baby I did more research on Craig David Daniel Craig for reference.

I think that Jim Rice should be in the Hall of Fame.

I think that Craig Nettles should be in the Hall of Fame and he didn't even get a sniff.

There is one scene where he is kissing up my back.

It is really sexy and I didn't know he was going to do it. He started doing it and in the film you see me saying, whew, and that wasn't acting, that was really me thinking, whew, oh my goodness Daniel Craig is kissing my back! I really did. I had to stop and remind myself that I was playing a character and I was acting in a film.

I have great respect for Craig Lucas. I absolutely adore his sensibility.

It's harder for men to imagine themselves as the girl in the movies than it is for me to imagine myself as Daniel Craig bringing down the building.

I don't think there's anything Craig Ferguson could say that would make me laugh. Ad-libbing is not the same as entertainment.