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Picture quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. about destiny

We are not makers of history. We are made by history. ⏤ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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The failure of Socialism since 1945 is that whilst encouraging us all, the creators of wealth, to produce less through strikes, it has caused us all to demand a higher level of our own product.

Brian Harris,

I am not for raising taxes in a recession, especially when it comes to job creators that we need so desperately to start creating jobs again.

Eric Cantor, politician

The bill that job creators and out-of-work Americans need us to pass is the one that ensures taxes won't go up - one that says Americans and small-business owners won't get hit with more bad news at the end of the year.

Mitch McConnell, politician

My kids are fanatical about 'Scooby-Doo,' and I think that the creators of 'Scooby-Doo' somehow tripped across some kind of magical hypnotic formula that lures children. It's far more fascinating to them than anything else on the air.

Dave Willis, actor

Movies are art and the spirit of the movie depends on the creators.

Lloyd Kaufman, director

With the advent of spring and beginning of the new harvest season the creators of abundance, our peasants, come out to the fields to sow with good aspirations and hopes.

Islom Karimov, statesman

I think many people are terribly afraid of being demoted by the Darwinian scheme from the role of authors and creators in their own right into being just places where things happen in the universe.

Daniel Dennett, philosopher

It's always hard to predict what's coming up next. My main guess is that content creators will increasingly start using BitTorrent to distribute their own work directly.

Bram Cohen, scientist

Indeed, the creators of the euro envisioned it as an instrument to promote political union.

Gerhard Schroder, statesman

If the search engines don't respect the creators, there won't be anything to search in the future because creators have to make a living too.

Patricia Schroeder, leader

The next few years are going to be horrendous in the UK. The last thing we need is a Somali pirate-style raid on the few wealth creators who still dare to navigate Britain's gale-force waters.

Andrew Lloyd Webber, composer

I believe in nurturing creativity and offering a haven for creators, enabling them to develop their ideas to the fullest. With more and more talented creators being drawn to Cirque in an environment that fulfills them, these are ideal to continue developing great new shows.

Guy Laliberte, businessman

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