quote by Frederic Bastiat

When plunder becomes a way of life, men create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.

— Frederic Bastiat

Most Powerful Criminal Code quotations

It is only the inadequacy of the criminal code that saves the hackers from very serious prosecution.

Bottom line is that I have had a totally criminal moral code and operated with a totally criminal mind attitude that I have not fully confronted (even down to lying about lying and doing illegal things).

The crime of bribery of foreign officials is an offence under the Commonwealth Criminal Code.

I'm a former federal prosecutor, a former associate attorney general.

If I had done that, I'd have been prosecuted. It's a clear violation of 18 United States Code Section 791.What [Hillary Clinton] did were criminal acts. She has displayed the facts.

I read the paper every day. There are certain subjects that will catch my attention. I have an entire file of articles. Of course I make up the story, especially since most criminals are not very smart and fictional crime must be clever. I have to make sure the story I am telling is interesting and realistic. In this book I went on line and found out the manners of codes. I thought it interesting to use them as a jumping off point.

It is ordinarily said that criminal law is designed to protect property and to protect persons, and if society's only interest in controlling sex behavior were to protect persons, then the criminal codes concerned with assault and battery should provide adequate protection. The fact that there is a body of sex laws which is apart from the laws protecting persons is evidence of their distinct function, namely that of protecting custom.

Religious doctrines do not and clearly cannot be adopted as the criminal code of a state.

I am interested in the creativity of the criminal attitude because I recognize in it the existence of a special condition of crazy creativity. A creativity without morals fired only by the energy of freedom and the rejection of all codes and laws. For freedom rejects the dictated roles of the law and of the imposed order and for this reason is isolated.

It takes a lot of nerve to bang your fist and demand tougher juvenile gun laws while doing nothing to enforce the ones that already exist. I must point out that doubling the size of the criminal code will not matter if the Clinton-Gore administration refuses to vigorously enforce these laws.

There's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.

What's done in private between adults doesn't concern the Criminal Code.