quote by Dolly Parton

the magic is inside you. there ain't no crystal ball

— Dolly Parton

Revealing Crystal Ball quotations

Racing drivers have balls, unfortunantly, none of them are crystal

Crystal ball quote Man reading should be man intensely alive. The book should be a ball of light in
Man reading should be man intensely alive. The book should be a ball of light in one's hand.

My crystal ball or intuition tells me that in the '80s the impact of RIA [radioimmunoassay] on the study of infectious diseases may prove as revolutionary as its impact on endocrinology in the 60s.

Crystal ball quote Don't bunt. Aim out of the ball park. Aim for the company of immortals.
Don't bunt. Aim out of the ball park. Aim for the company of immortals.

You don't have to gaze into a crystal ball when you can read an open book.

You can't gaze in the crystal ball and see the future.

What the Internet is going to be in the future is what society makes it.

I love the whirling of the dervishes.

I love the beauty of rare innocence. You don't need no crystal ball, Don't fall for a magic wand. We humans got it all, we perform the miracles.

There are those who worship loneliness, I'm not one of them In this age of fiberglass I'm searching for a gem The crystal ball up on the wall hasn't shown me nothing yet I've paid the price of solitude, but at last I'm out of debt

I don't really believe in palm readers and crystal balls and tarot cards, but I respond to the need for them.

He who looks in the crystal ball ends up eating glass... They're way, way close.

I'm not scared at all... Of the cracks in the crystal ball.

So, regarding the time frame, I'm only too willing to admit that my crystal ball, like everybody else's, is cracked. If I could predict precisely, I would have started predicting the stock market and would now be living with a bunch of young women on Bora Bora, having bought it.

"Well, we were always going to fail that one," said Ron gloomily as they ascended the marble staircase. He had just made Harry feel rather better by telling him how he told the examiner in detail about the ugly man with a wart on his nose in the crystal ball, only to look up and realize he had been describing the examiner's reflection.

I can't speak for the future. I have no crystal ball.

I deal in facts, not forecasting the future. That's crystal ball stuff. That doesn't work.

I think we're in a very exciting time - visually, I think we are.

I've not got a crystal ball. I'm not saying I know what the future is at all. In some ways I'm getting quite pessimistic about the future, but in other ways I think it might get better. We are moving into very big changes.

He promises a lamp unto our feet, not a crystal ball into the future.

I think political science is bad at prediction.

We don't gaze into a crystal ball. I do not believe that we predict things.

Travelers are fantasists, conjurers, seers - and what they finally discover is that every round object everywhere is a crystal ball: stone, teapot, the marvelous globe of the human eye.

I now have had my foggy crystal ball for quite a long time.

Its predictions are invariably gloomy and usually correct, but I am quite used to that and they won't keep me from giving you a few suggestions, even if it is merely an exercise in futility whose only effect is to make you feel guilty.

You can trust a crystal ball about as far as you can throw it.

Writing a screenplay, for me, is like juggling.

It's like, how many balls can you get in the air at once? All those ideas have to float out there to a certain point, and then they'll crystallize into a pattern.

Methods for predicting the future: 1) read horoscopes, tea leaves, tarot cards, or crystal balls . . . collectively known as "nutty methods;" 2) put well-researched facts into sophisticated computer . . . commonly referred to as "a complete waste of time."

I don't have a crystal ball, but if you can ever put yourself in a situation where you are indispensable - where you aren't part of what looks like a fad, but you actually are a company, a brand that people trust and go to - at this point, you could put some of the mainstays of tech on anything, right?

I'm not in the business of reading tea leaves. I don't have a crystal ball.

When I was in the hospital getting my sex change, I was just wishing I could be a pretty girl working in a mall. If I could have a crystal ball and see what I look like now - you know, modeling, David LaChapelle, hanging out with Daphne Guinness, singing with Lil' Kim, and traveling all over the world, I'd be like, "Wow, I can't believe this."

God's will is clear about many things.

We're to be holy. I like the metaphor that his Word is a lamp to our feet. A lamp may help guide my next one or two steps, but it's not a crystal ball into the future.

I don't think anybody has that crystal ball but the president.

I usually am accused of having a crystal ball into which I can gaze and look into the future.

Good character is like a rubber ball -- thrown down hard -- it bounces right back. Good reputation is like a crystal ball -- thrown for gain -- shattered and cracked.

There is no more reason to think that they expected the world to remain static than there is to think that any of us holds a crystal ball. The only way to create a foundational document that could stand the test of time was to build in enough flexibility that later generations would be able to adapt it to their own needs and uses.

He who lives by the crystal ball soon learns to eat ground glass.

I don't have a crystal ball, but I'm willing to bet one of my arms right now that as long as there's electricity, Ramones music is going to be relevant.

I'm not a psychic. I don't look at a crystal ball.

It is only fair to admit, however, that my batting average in the crystal ball league is point, zero, zero, zero.

Entrepreneurs, because they need money, they are willing to share their crystal ball with someone like me. That's the best thing ever.