As long as Florida remains a swing state, Cuban exiles in Florida will remain a very powerful voting bloc.
— Joshua A. Tucker

From time to time, the irresponsible acts of the Cuban government remind us that this is far more than about the freedom of one country, but it really is about the stability and security of the region and the national security interests of the United States.
Mel Martinez cubans quote

The revenues of Cuban state-run companies are used exclusively for the benefit of the people, to whom they belong.
— Fidel Castro

I realized that I had traveled to Havana during what now seems like the childhood of the Cuban Revolution, if you think that Fidel has now been in power for 44 extremely long years. I started looking at the revolution as history, and not as part of the daily news.
— Alma Guillermoprieto

I always felt that the Cubans were being pushed into the Soviet Bloc by American policy.
— cubans quotation by Lee Harvey Oswald