quote by Fred Couples

I don't answer the phone. I get the feeling whenever I do that there will be someone on the other end.

— Fred Couples

Most Powerful Curmudgeon quotations

The dignity of man lies in his ability to face reality in all its meaninglessness.

How I wish that somewhere there existed an island for those who are wise and of good will.

Anybody who notices unpleasant facts in the have-a-nice-day world we live in is going to be designated a curmudgeon.

Dr. Cox mentors the rookie doctors with a spoonful of dirt and then a cup of sugar. I see him as an archetypal descendent of two of my favorite curmudgeonly characters: Lou Grant and Louie De Palma.

I love playing a curmudgeon. I just love playing a sour guy.

It suddenly dawned on me one day, when I was reading in the paper about a woman wrestler, that being a curmudgeon was the last thing in the world that a man can be that a woman cannot be. Women can be irritating -- after all, they are women -- but they cannot be curmudgeons.

All our lives we are putting pennies — our most golden pennies — into penny-in-the-slot machines that are almost always empty.

This is definitely the first curmudgeon, no doubt about it.

In fact, I am so happy to be turning 40 and finally having a reason to take responsibility for my own behavior. It's also worked for me in terms of my physical appearance and emotional make-up and people entrusting me to bring the things a role deserves. I don't know whether that's depth or being a curmudgeon or what.

I really liked playing [Wilson]. I started to really - I mean, I think the thing about him is he's not really a curmudgeon, he's very gregarious. And he's a people person.

My generation didn`t face the kind of urgent, pressing issues that my parents did, who fought through a war and a Depression and know what suffering is. That`s why Bob Dole had a tough time with this electorate. He was an old-fashioned curmudgeon who knew about sacrifice, and we didn`t know if we could live up to his standards. But we knew we could live up to Bill Clinton`s. He`s more like one of us.

Throughout history in the theater and film people do like sarcastic characters, and they do like curmudgeons - if they're amusing, they do like them despite the fact that they're vitriolic, particularly if they're for the right thing. If you can see that the person is a decent person and is for the right thing, and is not just a nasty person with base motives, but someone who is a decent human but expresses himself.

The easy path of aging is to become a thick-skinned, unbudging curmudgeon, a battle-ax. To grow soft and sweet is the harder way.

Don't despair for story's future or turn curmudgeonly over the rise of video games or reality TV. The way we experience story will evolve, but as storytelling animals, we will no more give it up than start walking on all fours.

I am no longer a curmudgeon. I am a curmudgeon emeritus.

I'm an old curmudgeon and I know it.

I make a joke that I'm the Internet curmudgeon, but 'wary' is a good way to put it.

I am kind of a curmudgeonly person, so I don't gravitate to groups or traditions, which is probably just pretentious of me.

In a way my reputation has become that of the curmudgeon.

This world is gradually becoming a place Where I do not care to be any more.

Comfort, or revelation: God owes us one of these, but surely not both.

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and wish your parents had never met.

Gu was a worrier, a neurotic curmudgeon.

If he had a headache, it was a brain tumor; if it looked like rain, this year's harvest was ruined. This was his way of controlling the situation, his lifelong strategy for always coming out ahead. Now, when reality looked more dire than any of his fatalisitic predictions, he had no choice but to turn tail and charge in the opposite direction.

Many of us go through life feeling as an actor might feel who does not like his part and does not believe in the play.