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The school system, custodian of print culture, has no place for the rugged individual. It is, indeed, the homogenizing hopper into which we toss our integral tots for processing. — Marshall McLuhan

The party of God and the party of Literature have more in common than either will admit; their texts may conflict, but their bigotries coincide. Both insist on being the sole custodians of the true word and its only interpreters. — Frederic Raphael

It would be foolish to suggest that government is a good custodian of aesthetic goals. But, there is no alternative to the state. — John Kenneth Galbraith

The vitality of thought is in adventure. Ideas won't keep. Something must be done about them. When the idea is new, its custodians have fervor, live for it, and if need be, die for it. — Alfred North Whitehead

Al forms of consensus about great books and perennial problems, once stabilized, tend to deteriorate eventually into something philistine. The real life of the mind is always at the frontiers of what is already known. Those great books don't only need custodians and transmitters. To stay alive, they also need adversaries. The most interesting ideas are heresies. — Susan Sontag

Our ideals, laws and customs should be based on the proposition that each generation in turn becomes the custodian rather than the absolute owner of our resources - and each generation has the obligation to pass this inheritance on in the future. — Alberto Moravia

The constitution is the ultimate custodian of social will and its making should be accorded all due diligence. — Mwai Kibaki

Blacks have traditionally had to operate in a situation where whites have set themselves up as the custodians of the black experience. — August Wilson