quote by William Hazlitt

Dandyism is a species of genius.

— William Hazlitt

Practical Dandyism quotations

Cynicism is intellectual dandyism.

Cynicism is intelectual dandyism, but graciousness in speech is an aphrodisiac. (Andy Spade)

True dandyism is the result of an artistic temperament working upon a fine body within the wide limits of fashion.

Dandyism is a variety of genius.

Detachment is the prerogative of an elite;

and as the dandy is the nineteenth century's surrogate for the aristocrat in matters ofculture, so Camp is the modern dandyism. Camp is the answer to the problem: how to be a dandy in the age of mass culture.

We show wisdom by a decent conformity to social etiquette;

it is excess of neatness or display that creates dandyism in men, and coquetry in women.

A certain kind of rich man afflicted with the symptoms of moral dandyism sooner or later comes to the conclusion that it isn't enough merely to make money. He feels obliged to hold views, to espouse causes and elect Presidents, to explain to a trembling world how and why the world went wrong. The spectacle is nearly always comic.

Everyone says Oscar Wilde was a dandy, but he wasn't, he was an aesthete.

He took pleasure in food and stuff like that. Dandyism is much more austere-much more Calvinistic, more neurotic - it oscillates between narcissism and neurosis.

Dandyism is the last flicker of heroism in decadent ages.

... Dandyism is a setting sun; like the declining star, it is magnificent, without heat and full of melancholy. But alas! the rising tide of democracy, which spreads everywhere and reduces everything to the same level, is daily carrying away these last champions of human pride, and submerging, in the waters of oblivion, the last traces of these remarkable myrmidons.

These beings have no other status, but that of cultivating the idea of beauty in their own persons, of satisfying their passions, of feeling and thinking.... Contrary to what many thoughtless people seem to believe, dandyism is not even an excessive delight in clothes and material elegance. For the perfect dandy, these things are no more than the symbol of the aristocratic superiority of his mind.