Those Romans who perpetrated the rape of the Sabines, for example, did not work themselves up for the deed by screening Debbie Does Dallas, and the monkish types who burned a million or so witches in the Middle Ages had almost certainly not come across Boobs and Buns or related periodicals.
— Barbara Ehrenreich

debbie Gibson and dog food. I've always dreamed of this.
Julie Brown debbie quote

You have taken Fester and turned him into your personal love slave. I respect that. But Debbie (gesturing at the decor around her)...PASTELS?
— Angelica Huston as Morticia Addams

Somebody with Debbie Reynolds' features doesn't get cast as the Wicked Witch.
— Alan Rickman

Then I moved down to the Bowery to this building where Debbie Harry lived. It was there that I started combining some clothes for her and continued doing the art and photography.
— debbie quotation by Stephen Sprouse