The grand aim of all science is to cover the greatest number of empirical facts by logical deduction from the smallest number of hypotheses or axioms.
— Albert Einstein

No matter how bad a child is, he is still good for a tax deduction.
Proverbs deductive quote

Today's dime is really a dollar with all the taxes deducted.
— Unknown

Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: first, the right to life; secondly, to liberty; thirdly, to property; together with the right to support and defend them in the best manner they can. Those are evident branches of, rather than deductions from, the duty of self-preservation, commonly called the first law of nature.
— Samuel Adams

We do not learn by inference and deduction and the application of mathematics to philosophy, but by direct intercourse and sympathy.
— deductive quotation by Henry David Thoreau