quote by Toussaint Louverture

Whatever defamation of character my enemies are spreading about me, I do not feel the need to justify myself toward them. While discretion obliges me to remain silent, my duty compels me to prevent them from doing any more harm.

— Toussaint Louverture

Most Powerful Defaming quotations

The result of a consistent and total substitution of lies for factual truth is not that the lie will now be accepted as truth, and truth be defamed as lie, but that the sense by which we take our bearings in the real world - and the category of truth versus falsehood is among the mental means to this end - is being destroyed.

My initial response was to sue her for defamation of character, but then I realized that I had no character.

How can you defame mud when such a beautiful flower grows from it?

More people need to understand the games secular liberals play.

Here's one rule-of-thumb: No matter how bad a story sounds - particularly if it sounds bad - recognize the pattern of defamation.

I'm sure I took some licks at the system, and at trials and lawyers in general.

I've seen enough of them for so many years both as a cop and a defendant in defamation cases.

There is no need to smear my name or to defame my character for the sake of news.

Envy has been, is, and shall be, the destruction of many.

What is there, that Envy hath not defamed, or Malice left undefiled? Truly, no good thing.

Therefore be on your guard against the Jews, knowing that wherever they have their synagogues, nothing is found but a den of devils in which sheer self-glory, conceit, lies, blasphemy, and defaming of God and men are practiced most maliciously and veheming his eyes on them.

Truth is generally the best vindication against slander

If the tide of defamation and abuse shall turn, and my administration come to be praised, future Vice-Presidents who may succeed to the Presidency may feel some slight encouragement to pursue an independent course.

Slander is the revenge of a coward, and dissimulation of his defense.

Donald Trump threatened to file a defamation suit against me for running a TV ad that consisted only entirely of his own words on national television. Now, that's really a remarkable theory, that it is defamation to show people what he said on national TV. I think the voters are smarter than that.

For the moral attitudes of a people that is supported by religion need always aim at preserving and promoting the sanity and vitality of the community and its individuals, since otherwise this community is bound to perish. A people that were to honour falsehood, defamation, fraud, and murder would be unable, indeed, to subsist for very long.

The right to private judgment is the crown jewel of humanity, and for any person or institution to dare to come between the soul and God is a blasphemous impertinence and a defamation of the crown rights of the Son of God.

Rumour was the messenger Of defamation, and so swift, that none Could be the first to tell an evil tale.

Unfortunately, manipulation and defamation are part of the bad manners that have been prevailing in Poland's politics for ten years now.

People can defame anyone they like, people can write anything they like.

But non-accountability is a part of modern Indian culture.

Let judges secretly despair of justice: their verdicts will be more acute.

Let generals secretly despair of triumph; killing will be defamed. Let priests secretly despair of faith: their compassion will be true.

He that filches from me my good name robs me of that which enriches him and makes me poor indeed.

I've stopped caring about skeptics, but if they libel or defame me they will end up in court.

This is not a book in the ordinary sense of the word.

No, this is a prolonged insult, a gob of spit in the face of art, a kick in the pants to God, Man, Destiny, Time, Love, Beauty... what you will.

Mobs may assemble, calumny may defame, but the work of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent.

But silence never shows itself to so great an advantage, as when it is made the reply to calumny and defamation, provided that we give no just occasion for them.

Like an armed warrior, like a plumed knight, James G.

Blaine marched down the halls of the American Congress and threw his shining lance full and fair against the brazen foreheads of the defamers of his country, and the maligners of his honor.

The same law applies to me. Nobody has sued me for libel because I do not defame my enemies.

We regard an action of Contract as an action to prevent or compensate for a breach of a promise; an action of Tort as an action to to punish or compensate for a wrong, such as assault or defamation, which has not any necessary connection with a promise.

He who does not like you will defame you in jest.

I have no money, no resources, no hopes.

I am the happiest man alive. A year ago, six months ago, I thought that I was an artist. I no longer think about it, I am. Everything that was literature has fallen from me. There are no more books to be written, thank God. This then? This is not a book. This is libel, slander, and defamation of character. This is not a book, in the ordinary sense of the word. No, this is a prolonged insult, a gob of spit in the face of Art, a kick in the pants of God, Man, Destiny, Time, Love, Beauty

[I have ] two boys. One, Nicholas, is a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix in which he - gets into - a lot of very controversial cases. He has sued Sheriff Arpaio, the famous sheriff who keeps people in tents, gives them green bologna and the like. My other son Tom is with Williams & Connolly in Washington, where he does intellectual property defamation cases.

If the envious, the defamers and the backbiters were taken out of the average church, there would be revival overnight.

Seditious libel is the doctrine that flourished in England during and after the Star Chamber. It is the hallmark of closed societies throughout the world. Under it, criticism of government is viewed as defamation and punished as a crime.

And what do Democrats stand for, if they are so ready to defame concerned citizens as the "mob" - a word betraying a Marie Antoinette delusion of superiority to ordinary mortals. I thought my party was populist, attentive to the needs and wishes of those outside the power structure. And as a product of the 1960s, I thought the Democratic party was passionately committed to freedom of thought and speech.

I was falsely arrested twice, slandered and defamed.

At the end of the day, it is about the album and book and also about setting the record straight, because 'American Idol' has done a great job of defaming my name and throwing a lot of mud at me for the past two years. So that set up a lot of roadblocks for me.