Our financial services and insurance cluster is one of Delaware's key economic drivers in the state.
— Ruth Ann Minner

After completing a delaware state education, they were afforded opportunities beyond anything they might have imagined - and they opened doors for themselves that surely would have remained closed if they only had a high school education.
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And the university's reputation will only continue to grow as stories like Elaine's are spread. Delaware State University's motto 'a past to honor, a future to insure,' couldn't be any more fitting for this transitional period you are going through.
— Michael N. Castle

By climbing a steeper road, the value and appreciation Delaware State students took and continue to take from their education and their experiences is just as great, if not greater, than students attending ivy league schools.
— Michael N. Castle

Delaware State began as a school bent on service - teaching education, social services and nursing.
— delaware state quotation by Michael N. Castle