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What we see depends mainly on what we look for.

The progress of freedom depends more upon the maintenance of peace, the spread of commerce, and the diffusion of education, than upon the labors of cabinets and foreign offices. — Richard Cobden

This is a bipartisan effort. This is just good common sense. This is where the public wants us to go. They want us to not be so dependent on foreign oil. — Sam Brownback

Part of protecting our homeland means being less dependent on foreign countries for our energy. — Rod Blagojevich

There is no doubt that now, more than ever, we must work to end our dependence on foreign oil sources. But we cannot do so by ignoring the wishes of the coastal communities that oppose drilling. — Elizabeth Dole

Ethanol reduces our dependence on foreign sources of oil and is an important weapon in the War on Terror. By investing in South Dakota's ethanol producers, we will strengthen our energy security and create new jobs. — John Thune

We shouldn't be so dependent on foreign oil. — Jon Corzine

It is critical that we have a comprehensive energy plan to provide affordable and reliable supplies of energy so that our economy will not be dependent on foreign sources of energy. — Richard Burr

By encouraging renewable energy sources such as wind energy, we boost South Dakota's economy and we help reduce America's dependence on foreign oil. — Tim Johnson