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A refined simplicity is the characteristic of all high bred deportment, in every country, and a considerate humanity should be the aim of all beneath it. — James Fenimore Cooper

I was walking through the [Polish] forests of my grandmother's tales, a land where every field hides a grave, where millions of people have been deported or killed in the 20th century. — Monika Bulaj

Go after the illegal employers. No free stuff. Take the handcuffs off law enforcement. They'll go home! They'll self-deport! The problem today is they break the law. They come across the border. And again, what's coming across that border today are bad guys! — Russell Pearce

Yes, they broke the law, but we can't deport them. Let's get over this pointing fingers and do something about that, whether it - they have to pay a fine, learn to speak English, the history, you can do that. And then you have to give visas for the skills we need. — Michael Bloomberg

From the right, you get demagogues shouting about brown-skinned anchor babies and clamoring to deport the undocumented. From the left, you get advocacy for the oppressed but otherwise, when it comes to national civic identity, mainly silence. — Eric Liu

Well, I'm not saying that we're solving every problem or arresting every person that ought to be arrested and deported, but we're doing a better job than has been done in the past. — Thad Cochran

You commit a felony, it does not matter who you are, you could be deported. — Slick Rick

The word nobody wants to use, but you see if you are here illegally, that's the punishment, deportation. — Tom Tancredo