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Don't let the past steal your present. Your past has not defined, deterred or defeated you. It has only strengthened who you are today.

American Civil War quotes - Despite sympathy for the Confederacy, France's seizure of Mexico ultimately deterred them from war with the Union. Confederate offers late in the war to end

Winston Churchill quotes - the government against appeasement and called for collective action to deter German aggression. In March, the Evening Standard ceased publication of

Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen quotes - the legitimate authority by all means and measures to protect Yemen and deter the Houthi aggression". Yemen's foreign minister, Riad Yassin, requested

13 Reasons Why quotes - myth that suicides "quietly drift off", and recalled how he himself was deterred from a suicide attempt by recalling a survivor's account of how painful

George W. Bush quotes - misinformed the public and did not do enough to reduce carbon emissions and deter global warming. In his 2006 State of the Union Address, Bush declared, "America

Antifa (United States) quotes - propaganda; and, when antifa activists deem it necessary, deploying violence to deter them". According to National Public Radio, antifa's "approach is confrontational"

Deters quotes - family name "Deters" is of patronymic origin, meaning it was inspired by the father of the initial bearer. In this instance it means "Son of Deter",[citation

Pizzagate conspiracy theory quotes - gunman sentenced to four years in prison, as prosecutors urged judge to deter vigilante justice". The Washington Post. Archived from the original on June

Joe Deters quotes - Joseph T. Deters (born April 4, 1957) is an American politician of the Republican party who currently serves as Prosecuting Attorney for Hamilton County