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An estimated 2 million American women will be diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer this decade and screening could prevent up to 30% of these deaths for women over 40.

Matthew Lesko, entertainer

I was diagnosed with the illness right before the 1995 World Cup.

Jonah Lomu, athlete

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 13 and it was something we weren't really aware of as a family.

Rima Fakih, clergyman

You can be diagnosed and treated early. And there is hope for the future.

Teri Garr, actress

The poverty from which I have suffered could be diagnosed as "Soho" poverty. It comes from having the airs and graces of a genius and no talent.

Quentin Crisp, writer

It's nothing to be ashamed of and that there are even beneficial traits associated with the condition. Most importantly, acknowledge yourself for who you are and if you're struggling with anything resembling ADD get professionally diagnosed.

Christopher Knight, actor

I started this foundation when I was diagnosed. It was established for one reason, and that was to try to find a cure for MS. Every penny, 100% of the public donations that come into this are given back out in the form of grants to colleges and researchers around the world.

Montel Williams, entertainer

For example, colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Every four minutes someone is diagnosed, and every nine minutes someone dies.

Kevin Richardson, musician

Recent studies have revealed that children 8-10 years old are being diagnosed with Type II diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure at an alarming rate.

Lee Haney, athlete

So I went and visited a doctor and he diagnosed me with reactive arthritis.

Daniel Johns, musician

The problem is that once the rules of art are debunked, and once the unpleasant realities the irony diagnoses are revealed and diagnosed, "then" what do we do?

David Foster Wallace, writer

There were symptoms that I saw, and though I went to many doctors and had many tests, no one diagnosed MS.

Teri Garr, actress

I was able to get operated on four days after I was diagnosed. It was just a matter of getting this baseball-sized tumor out of me. I reflect now on how lucky I was to be in the situation where I could get the best possible help and treatment.

Eric Davis, athlete

I was hitting .360 when I was diagnosed. I didn't forget how to play while I was recovering. I don't know if the cancer is gone for good. I don't think anyone ever knows, but no one is going to steal my joy for as along as I'm able to play baseball.

Eric Davis, athlete

I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, an abnormal decrease of sugar in the blood. Eventually I learned to eat five small meals a day. Now if I'm making a movie and get hungry, I call time out to eat some crackers.

Carol Alt, model

I put up a huge wall of denial. It was years before I was able to break through it... accepting that your child has a disability, especially one like LD that cannot be seen or easily diagnosed, is one of the hardest things to come to terms with.

Anne Ford,

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