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Cameron Diaz was so cute at the MTV Movie Awards when she pulled her skirt up and wiped her armpits.

— Pink

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Because Conor McGregor is so confident - he goes there 'I'll beat this, I will do that' - If I would be his coach I will tell him all the time, behind closed doors, how dangerous [Nate] Diaz is and how much of a war this fight will be and how painful, and long, and uncomfortable it would be, and to get prepared for the worst day of his life.

Nick Diaz is a champion so he's got the spirit that comes with it.

So he's not going to give up mentally. You see a lot of guys give up mentally and that's why they get knocked out or submitted. They give up mentally before they lose.

The newest Ferrari of them all, the 458, the Italia.

The GT3 was good, but nowhen near as good as this... almost nothing on Earth is as good as this... Set that something I've just told, involving Cameron Diaz... and some honey... then it comes that even that isn't as good as this.

Courtney Love is really cool and funny.

I would like to meet Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz. I think I could play their daughters.

My favorite actresses are Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts and Julie Andrews.

Every time I have a bikini wax, Cameron Diaz holds me down.

I don't watch much TV or films, but I've watched Cameron Diaz.

I admire Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet.

I like a lot of comedians. I like Cameron Diaz - she's funny and has a very light spirit. That's quite rare nowadays. There are many actresses I admire.

Cameron Diaz is probably my biggest beauty mentor of my friends.

She knows how to do her own hair and makeup; she's really good at it.

When I was trying to create this so-called Lav Diaz verité, it just happened.

At some point, I became very comfortable with the one frame, with the single take. It just happened. I didn't plan it. I was looking for my own aesthetic, my own perspective, my own voice, and it happened.

I'll know I'm famous when I have five Ferraris, seven houses, Cameron Diaz on my arm and a little man following me with a huge bag of money.

A lucky model who's been given a lot of opportunities I just wish she [Cameron Diaz] would have done more with.

The top stars like Angelina, Cameron (Diaz), Sandra Bullock and probably now Jennifer Lawrence probably gets paid the same as their male counterparts. The problem is the averages. Because there are not enough parts for women to star in and get paid. So when you look at the total amount women make as compared to men it's paltry.

I think we're different, but we are very similar in a lot of ways, and we really complement each other in real life and on screen. Cameron [Diaz], for me, is like the teacher. And Kate's [Uptone] like my daughter. She's only five years older than my daughter, and so, I always wanted to protect her.

We discovered that we have a fun chemistry physically.

Cameron [Diaz] has really long legs and a short torso, and I have a really long torso and shorter legs.

No one gives Cameron Diaz a hard time for not speaking Spanish.

I just feel like I understand Cameron Diaz better than I ever have before, and I don’t like it. I don’t like to see everything I see. It’s like a magnifying mirror only soulful, and I’m not looking at her, I’m looking at us, you know? And our pores are huge.

It was old President Diaz who said that nothing ever happens in Mexico until it happens. Things rock along from day to day, and then all at once you are caught up in a rush of unforeseen events.

Visitation Street is urban opera writ large.

Gritty and magical, filled with mystery, poetry and pain, Ivy Pochoda’s voice recalls Richard Price, Junot Diaz, and even Alice Sebold, yet it’s indelibly her own.

What's helped me is having really good friends I know I can rely on.

Cameron Diaz is one of the greatest friends anyone can ever have. She has so much love to give.

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