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The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing.

— Douglas Engelbart

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Digital revolution quote Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.

Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.

The entire Nation has joined hands to make the dream of a Digital India into a reality. Youngsters are enthusiastic, industry is supportive and the government is proactive. India is yearning for a digital revolution.

The key thing about all the world's big problems is that they have to be dealt with collectively. If we don't get collectively smarter, we're doomed.

Digital revolution quote Every revolution begins with a spark.

Every revolution begins with a spark.


I stand before you tonight as a young American, a proud American, of a generation born as the Cold War receded, shaped by the tragedy of 9/11, connected by the digital revolution and determined to re-elect the man who will make the 21st century another American century - President Barack Obama.

I think everybody wants to be the best at what they do and for me I was never really there, plus it was in a time that just preceded the insanity of internet promotion around 2005 and 2006. Obviously through the digital revolution things have moved very quickly and a lot of artists got left behind.

Because of the rush of human knowledge, because of the digital revolution, I have a voice, and I do not need to scream.

Digital revolution quote You need to network before you need the network. This all starts by showing supp

You need to network before you need the network. This all starts by showing support, or posting-it-forward. This is a priority if you want to sell on LinkedIn. If you’d like to take your business to the next level, go above and beyond and try to connect with your 1st network on the phone or in person. Remember, digital will never replace face-to-face.

Traditional communication design and the digital revolution will certainly blend and integrate, as clients’ communications needs rarely involve just one medium.

I think that human beings have gotten as far as we've gotten because of our adaptability, our ability to adapt, and our ability to dovetail our technologies - our brains to our tools. With the Industrial Revolution, we transcended the limits of our muscles. With the digital revolution, we transcend the limits of our minds.

India lives in several centuries at the same time.

Every night outside my house I pass a road gang of emaciated laborers digging a trench to lay fiber optic cables to speed up digital revolution. They work by the light of a few candles.

Digital revolution quote It's about posting it forward. All digital leaders have mastered the art of post

It's about posting it forward. All digital leaders have mastered the art of posting-it-forward. Digital hugs" are crucial in a world with decreased face time. You may feel pretty confident in your face-to-face skills, but have you mastered digital messaging? The power of posting-it-forward is monumental. In fact, you will attract more followers digitally in two days than you will in two months if you show interest in your audience versus trying to get them interested in you.

I mean, this whole digital revolution is really eroding the director's importance on a movie because, number one, just from a practical standpoint, with floppy disks and the ability to put all of the film onto a disk, more people have access to the movie.

The digital revolution is almost as disruptive to the traditional media business as electricity was to the candle business.

Many Americans have never owned a book, and I'm not talking about because of the recent digital revolution. I'm talking about before there even was a digital revolution.

I am a child of the digital revolution.

So what I love about digital content is the quick turnover rate.

I think America is really well-positioned, because we do train people to be creative and sometimes resist authority, which helps in being an innovator. I think you're going to see for the next phase of the revolution all sorts of wonderful ways of connecting art and literature and journalism into new forms of digital expression.

If you want to be a great American, you have got to understand Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, how the American Revolution happened. I think if you want to be a good citizen of the digital age, it helps to feel comfortable with both the people and the ways of thinking that created the digital revolution.

We're all swimming in this digital revolution that we live in.

You and I love understanding American Revolution, but let's also understand the digital revolution, because that makes us more comfortable with our technology.

We're in the second golden age of television, and to me, one of the most profound things that's happening in TV is just that by default that opened the door to more women, more people of color, more outliers. It's one of the greatest side effects of the digital revolution.

I am super lucky. I've been in the area where things have been changing and been part of the digital revolution, the magic of software, the internet, the computer, and now the cellphone... so it's been a great privilege.

Otherwise [digital revolution] hasn't changed my way of filmmaking, I'm not nostalgic in postulating we should still make films on celluloid. I love celluloid but I don't need to continue on celluloid.

[ Digital revolution ] only has allowed me to work faster, editing digitally, which I'm doing right now, a film on volcanoes. I can edit almost as fast as I'm thinking, editing with celluloid means always searching for this little reel of film, and number it, and scribble on it with some sort of pens, and gluing it together, and working on a flatbed. It's much, much slower.

I don't get fan mail. It disappeared with the digital revolution.

The digital revolution is forever. They put importance on that option as well. With Amazon, you're getting the best of both worlds, with a whole new playing field.

When you brought the digital revolution in, all of a sudden, you could build a country like Singapore and take that country, which had the income per capita of Ghana in 1965, and make it something similar to the United States in one generation.

One thing that has happened is a revolution in digital consumer recording, and overall, that's a great thing for art, but parallel to that there's been a revolution in boutique audio companies making excellent gear.

That's absolutely true, but one problem with the digital revolution, which may tie into what I said earlier, is that there can be a collapse of quality. You may not have liked the decisions made by publishers in the past, you may not have liked the decisions made by magazine editors or newspaper editors in the past. At least there was some quality control

I didn't have a lot of independent film connections.

It really took until the digital film revolution came along that I realized that I could do it myself.

The digital revolution has had a democratizing effect.

Now anyone can be a filmmaker, but to be a good filmmaker is as hard as it ever was.

The digital revolution has changed the way we do things because you're not under that pressure that film is precious and film is expensive.

Anybody can make a movie, if you have the will.

The digital revolution has made it very inexpensive to make a film. Anybody who wants to can do it.

That has been the great achievement of our age: to so thoroughly flood the planet with megabits that every image and fact has become a digitized disembodied nothingness. With magnificent determination, our species has advanced from Stone Age to Industrial Revolution to Digital Emptiness. We've become weightless, in the bad sense of the word.

The major media companies are playing a defensive game, and I'm not sure I blame them. If you look at the digital revolution, you look at who the winners and the losers are, there are some very very big losers - music, the newspaper industry. And there are some really big winners, social media, Facebook.

We didn't understand irony yet in the '80s;

we just kind of existed at face value, so there was no nerd cool yet because the digital revolution was still in its infancy.

The digital revolution has disrupted most traditional media: newspapers, magazines, books, record companies, radio.

Not since the steam engine has any invention disrupted business models like the Internet. Whole industries including music distribution, yellow-pages directories, landline telephones, and fax machines have been radically reordered by the digital revolution.

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