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... non-White Arab birthrates will make White Jewish people a minority totally vulnerable to the political, social, and economic will of non-Whites Arabs. A social upheaval is now beginning to occur that will be the funeral dirge of the America Israel we love.

— David Duke

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Male religion entombs women in sepulchres of silence in order to chant its own eternal and dreary dirge to a past that never was.

Multiculturalism means your kid has to learn some wretched tribal dirge for the school holiday concert instead of getting to sing 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.'

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[Michael Hastings] has composed a dirge to incompatibility, which, because it raises expectations only to defeat them, leaves a taste of exhumed ashes.

With mirth in funeral and with dirge in marriage.

Quid confert animae pugna Hectoris, vel disputatio Platonis, aut carmina Maronis, vel neniae Nasonis? Of what benefit to the soul are the struggles of Hector, the disputations of Plato, the songs of Virgil, or the dirges of Ovid?

Stern Winter loves a dirge-like sound.

The sun was set; the night came on apace, And falling dews bewet around the place; The bat takes airy rounds on leathern wings, And the hoarse owl his woeful dirges sings.

For ever so our thoughtful hearts repeatOn fields of triumph dirges of defeat;

And still we turn on gala-days to treadAmong the rustling memories of the dead.

Living, just by itself --what a dirge that is! Life is a classroom and Boredom's the usher, there all the time to spy on you...

By fairy hands their knell is rung; By forms unseen their dirge is sung.

Every day that is born into the world comes like a burst of music and rings the whole day through, and you make of it a dance, a dirge, or a life march, as you will.

I come from a culture that has refined the art of the dirge to a sublime level.

This is a terrible hour, but it is often that darkest point which precedes the rise of day; that turn of the year when the icy January wind carries over the waste at once the dirge of departing winter, and the prophecy of coming spring.

The wailing of the newborn infant is mingled with the dirge for the dead.

All things that we ordained festival Turn from their office to black funeral-- Our instruments to melancholy bells, Our wedding cheer to a sad burial feast; Our solemn hymns to sullen dirges change; Our bridal flowers serve for a buried corse; And all things change them to the contrary.

I speak without reservation, from what I know and who I am.

I do so with the understanding that all people should have the right to offer their voices to the chorus whether the result is harmony or dissonance. The worldsong is a colorless dirge without the differences that distinguish us, and it is that difference which should be celebrated not condemned.

Our doubts about ourselves cannot be banished except by working at that which is the one and only thing we know we ought to do. Other people's assertions cannot silence the howling dirge within us. It is our talents rusting unused within us that secrete the poison of self-doubt into our bloodstream.

The dying swan, when years her temples pierce, In music-strains breathes out her life and verse, And, chanting her own dirge, tides on her wat'ry hearse.

The swan murmurs sweet strains with a flattering tongue, itself the singer of its own dirge.

Living, just by itself - what a dirge that is! Life is a classroom and Boredom's the usher, there all the time to spy on you.

In the end, one or the other will triumph - a funeral dirge will be sung over the Soviet republic or over world capitalism.

Living, just by itself - what a dirge that is! Life is a classroom and Boredom's the usher, there all the time to spy on you; whatever happens, you've got to look as if you were awfully busy all the time doing something that's terribly exciting - or he'll come along and nibble your brain.

Time loves a new lay; and the dirge he is playing Will change for you soon to a livelier strain.

Glory falls around us as we sob a dirge of desolation on the Cross

From the time an Aiel boy becomes a man he will not sing anything but battle chants, or their dirge for the slain. I have heard them singing over their dead, and over those they have killed. That song is one to make the stones weep.

I'm thinking of being a professional mourner.

How hard can it be? Tear at your hair, sing a dirge or two, take the rest of the week off.

A dirge for her the doubly dead in that she died so young.

What are our conductors giving us year after year? Only fresh corpses.

Over these beautifully embalmed sonatas, toccatas, symphonies and operas the public dance the jitterbug. Night and day without let the radio drowns us in a hog-wash of the most nauseating, sentimental ditties. From the churches comes the melancholy dirge of the dead Christ, a music which is no more sacred than a rotten turnip.