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So what is discord at one level of your being is harmony at another level. — Alan Watts

Couples are wholes and not wholes, what agrees disagrees, the concordant is discordant. From all things one and from one all things. — Heraclitus

Opposition brings concord. Out of discord comes the fairest harmony. — Heraclitus

Cease, warring thoughts, and let his brain No more discord entertainBut be smooth and calm again. — James Shirley

By union the smallest states thrive. By discord the greatest are destroyed. — Sallust

Medicine to produce health must examine disease; and music, to create harmony must investigate discord. — Plutarch

Discord is the great ill of mankind; and tolerance is the only remedy for it. — Voltaire

The sweetest noise on earth, a woman's tongue; A string which hath no discord. — Barry Cornwall