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The superior doctor prevents sickness; The mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness; The inferior doctor treats actual sickness;

Chinese Proverbs,

Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing.

Voltaire, writer

Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.

Erma Bombeck, humorist

Time is generally the best doctor.

Ovid, poet

If the doctor cures, the sun sees it; if he kills, the earth hides it.

Scottish Proverbs,

God heals and the doctor takes the fee.

Benjamin Franklin, president

Doctors will have more lives to answer for in the next world than even we generals.

Napoleon Bonaparte, emperor

Life is short, the art long, opportunity fleeting, experiment treacherous, judgment difficult.

Hippocrates, scientist

Three of my children are medical doctors, they know at least a hundred times as much about your body as my grandfather knew, but they don't know much more about soul than he did.

John Templeton, investor

My doctor gave me six months to live but when I couldn't pay the bill, he gave me six months more.

Walter Matthau, actor

Tell me doctor, with all of your defenses, are there any provisions for an attack by killer bees?


Whenever a doctor cannot do good, he must be kept from doing harm.

Hippocrates, scientist

Temperance and labor are the two real physicians of man.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, philosopher

The difference between an itch and an allergy is about one hundred bucks.


I observe the physician with the same diligence as the disease.

John Donne, poet

The best doctor is the one you run to and can't find.

Denis Diderot, editor

I know of nothing more laughable than a doctor who does not die of old age.

Voltaire, writer

The only difference between doctors and lawyers is that lawyers merely rob you, whereas doctors rob you and kill you, too.

Anton Chekhov, dramatist

The great doctors all got their education off dirt pavements and poverty - not marble floors and foundations.

Martin H. Fischer,

He's the best physician that knows the worthlessness of the most medicines.

Benjamin Franklin, president

The doctor should be opaque to his patients and, like a mirror, should show them nothing but what is shown to him.

Sigmund Freud, psychologist

The first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine.

William Osler, scientist

Deceive not thy physician, confessor, nor lawyer.

George Herbert, poet

Cure the disease and kill the patient.

Francis Bacon, philosopher

As long as men are liable to die and are desirous to live, a physician will be made fun of, but he will be well paid.

Jean De La Bruyere, philosopher

The two best physicians of them all -- Dr. Laughter and Dr. Sleep.

Gregory Dean Jr.,

When a doctor does go wrong he is the first of criminals. He has nerve and he has knowledge.

Arthur Conan Doyle, writer

What I call a good patient is one who, having found a good physician, sticks to him till he dies.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, writer

There are more old drunkards than old physicians.

Francois Rabelais, clergyman

Doctors don't know everything really. They understand matter, not spirit. And you and I live in spirit.

William Saroyan,

The best doctors in the world are Doctor Diet, Doctor Quiet, and Doctor Merryman.

Jonathan Swift, writer

A minor operation is one that is done on someone else

Dr. Richard Selzer,

Some people think that doctors and nurses can put scrambled eggs back into the shell.

Dorothy Canfield Fisher, author

I'd call it a new version of voodoo economics, but I'm afraid that would give witch doctors a bad name.

Geraldine Ferraro, politician

I've been told by doctors and surgeons that I have the energy of ten men who have normal jobs.

Gary Busey, actor

America's doctors, nurses and medical researchers are the best in the world, but our health care system is broken.

Mike Ferguson, politician

When Medicare was created for senior citizens and America 's disabled in 1965, about half of a senior's health care spending was on doctors and the other half on hospitals.

Dennis Hastert, politician

Physician, heal thyself.


In the name of Hypocrites, doctors have invented the most exquisite form of torture ever known to man: survival.

Edward Everett Hale, historian

I got the bill for my surgery. Now I know what those doctors were wearing masks for.

James H. Boren, public servant

Is my dentist not bound by the Geneva Convention?

Gerhard Kocher,

The relation nurse/doctor is even more complex than the relation patient/doctor.

Gerhard Kocher,

Nursing would be a dream job if there were no doctors.

Gerhard Kocher,

Every invalid is a physician.


Physician -- One upon whom we set our hopes when ill and our dogs when well.

Ambrose Bierce, journalist

We have the greatest hospitals, doctors, and medical technology in the world - we need to make them accessible to every American.

Barbara Boxer, politician

But as my brother was doing his research for a book about my father, it became his opinion that the most influential anti-semitism my father encountered when he was growing up was from Jews, because his relatives were German Jews, and doctors.

Tobias Wolff, writer

A skilful leech is better far, than half a hundred men of war.

Samuel Butler, poet

I like when my man is worldly, knows the finer things in life, is well traveled, educated. It's important to me that he's able to talk to all types of people, from doctors to dishwashers.

Kiana Tom, model

A surgeon should be young a physician old.


The physician's highest calling, his only calling, is to make sick people healthy -- to heal, as it is termed.

Samuel Hahnemann, scientist

Doctors tell me I have the body of a thirty year old. I know I have the brain of a fifteen year old. If you've got both, you can play baseball.

Pete Rose, athlete

The doctors x-rayed my head and found nothing.

Dizzy Dean, athlete

If you believe the doctors, nothing is wholesome; if you believe the theologians, nothing is innocent; if you believe the military, nothing is safe.

Lord Salisbury, politician

Doctors coin money when they do procedures but family medicine doesn't have any procedures.

David Jones,

The great secret of doctors, known only to their wives, but still hidden from the public, is that most things get better by themselves; most things, in fact, are better in the morning.

Lewis Thomas, scientist

I took anatomy classes. I went to medical libraries and talked to doctors and nutritionists. I did the whole thing before using myself as a human guinea pig.

Marilu Henner, actress

I don't know why people question the academic training of an athlete. Fifty percent of the doctors in this country graduated in the bottom half of their classes.

Al McGuire, coach

The way most doctors practice medicine right now isn't working.

Mark Hyman,

Often doctors didn't even tell you what was wrong with you. They just treated you, and sent you home.

Rebecca Skloot, writer

I have lost a little bit of flexibility, but the doctors say with any kind of torn ligament it is not uncommon for the injury to take 16 months to be 100 percent healed.

Michael Chang, tennis player

I really feel that if it wasn't for the accident, I'd still be fighting. I would have handled some of these fighters. I would have made sure that the doctors would have declared me physically sound; and after that, I would have trained.

Roberto Duran, athlete

When I meet people who say - which they do all of the time - 'I must just tell you, my great aunt had cancer of the elbow and the doctors gave her 10 seconds to live, but last I heard she was climbing Mount Everest,' and so forth, I switch off quite early.

Christopher Hitchens, author

You may not win the Super Bowl. Your kids may not go on to be doctors and lawyers and everything may not go perfectly. That doesn't mean it was a bad plan or the wrong thing. It's just like a football season. Everything's not going to go perfect.

Tony Dungy, coach

By 'flat' I did not mean that the world is getting equal. I said that more people in more places can now compete, connect and collaborate with equal power and equal tools than ever before. That's why an Indian in Bangalore can take care of the office work of American doctors or read the X-rays of German hospitals.

Thomas Friedman, journalist

We are Americans. We - we - we are - we are doctors. We are investment bankers. We are taxi drivers. We are store keepers. We are lawyers. We are - we are part of the fabric of America. And the way that America today treats its Muslims is being watched by over a billion Muslims worldwide.

Feisal Abdul Rauf, theologian

Growing up, my dolls were doctors and on secret missions. I had Barbie Goes Rambo.

Zoe Saldana, actress

Canada sets aside 36 percent of their visas for people with skills they think their country needs. We set aside six percent. We educate the doctors, and then don't give 'em a green card.

Michael Bloomberg, politician

The fact of the matter is right now politicians and insurance companies are making decisions. We're saying we want doctors to be making decisions. And I think that will lead to a higher-quality, lower-cost system over time.

Peter Orszag, economist

Today we have a health insurance industry where the first and foremost goal is to maximize profits for shareholders and CEOs, not to cover patients who have fallen ill or to compensate doctors and hospitals for their services. It is an industry that is increasingly concentrated and where Americans are paying more to receive less.

Dianne Feinstein, politician

I know from my constituency what is going on. Doctors that are told, begged, by mothers, 'Please don't write down that my child as asthma. Please lie and say it's bronchitis, because if you write down asthma, when my child turns 18 or 20 and has to get his or her own insurance, it will be a pre-existing condition.'

Barbara Boxer, politician

I had a few fibroids removed, and they left me with a Grand Canyon of scar tissue in my uterus. The doctors weren't sure I'd be able to reproduce. I was prepared for a rough road, and then out of nowhere we conceived.

Holly Marie Combs, actress

Dr. Cox mentors the rookie doctors with a spoonful of dirt and then a cup of sugar. I see him as an archetypal descendent of two of my favorite curmudgeonly characters: Lou Grant and Louie De Palma.

John C. McGinley, actor

We wouldn't think of going to our doctor and saying 'Treat me the way doctors treated people in the 19th Century', and yet that's what we're demanding in food production.

Nina Fedoroff, scientist

We also have to make sure our children know the history of women. Tell them the rotten truth: It wasn't always possible for women to become doctors or managers or insurance people. Let them be armed with a true picture of the way we want it to be.

Anne Roiphe, journalist

When a man lacks mental balance in pneumonia he is said to be delirious. When he lacks mental balance without the pneumonia, he is pronounced insane by all smart doctors.

Martin H. Fischer,

My bones are as hard as a rock. Every time I have a biopsy, the doctors are doing hand exercises a week, ten days out.

Don Baylor, coach

There's a new medical crisis. Doctors are reporting that many men are having allergic reactions to latex condoms. They say they cause severe swelling. So what's the problem?

Phyllis Diller, comedian

I found collaborating with congenial doctors about problems that physicists could help solve was very satisfying. I also like educating anybody who would listen!

John Cameron, scientist

And they talk about their bona fide doctors. They have a list of doctors that signed affidavits from looking at a picture of Terry. That's where they get their information from, by looking at a picture.

Michael Schiavo, celebrity

Men who are occupied in the restoration of health to other men, by the joint exertion of skill and humanity, are above all the great of the earth. They even partake of divinity, since to preserve and renew is almost as noble as to create.

Voltaire, writer

For what Harley Street specialist has time to understand the body, let alone the mind or both in combination, when he is a slave to thirteen thousand a year?

Virginia Woolf, author

The doctor knows what his trained eyes see -- and he says it's the last of the ninth for me. So one more thing while the clouds loom dark and then I must leave this noisy park.


He has been a doctor a year now and has had two patients, no, three, I think -- yes, it was three; I attended their funerals.

Mark Twain, author

The mistakes made by doctors are innumerable. They err habitually on the side of optimism as to treatment, of pessimism as to the outcome.

Marcel Proust, author

For each illness that doctors cure with medicine, they provoke ten in healthy people by inoculating them with the virus that is a thousand times more powerful than any microbe: the idea that one is ill.

Marcel Proust, author

Cured yesterday of my disease, I died last night of my physician.

Matthew Prior, poet

Is it not also true that no physician, in so far as he is a physician, considers or enjoins what is for the physician's interest, but that all seek the good of their patients? For we have agreed that a physician strictly so called, is a ruler of bodies, and not a maker of money, have we not?

Plato, philosopher

Brain surgery is a terrible profession. If I did not feel it will become different in my lifetime, I should hate it.

Wilder Penfield,

The young physician starts life with 20 drugs for each disease, and the old physician ends life with one drug for 20 diseases.

William Osler, scientist

Instead of wishing to see more doctors made by women joining what there are, I wish to see as few doctors, either male or female, as possible. For, mark you, the women have made no improvement -- they have only tried to be men and they have only succeeded in being third-rate men.

Florence Nightingale, activist

I wasn't driven into medicine by a social conscience but by rampant curiosity.

Jonathan Miller, entertainer

I suppose one has a greater sense of intellectual degradation after an interview with a doctor than from any human experience.

Alice James, writer

It is the duty of a doctor to prolong life and it is not his duty to prolong the act of dying.

Thomas Horder,

The practice of medicine is a thinker's art, the practice of surgery a plumber s.

Martin H. Fisher,

I asked my doctors if I'd be able to play singles tennis and they said I could. That made me very happy since I haven't played in five years.

Walter Cronkite, journalist

I tended to faint when I saw accident victims in the emergency ward, during surgery, or while drawing blood. On why he gave up medicine

Michael Crichton, author

Doctors are just the same as lawyers; the only difference is that lawyers merely rob you, whereas doctors rob you and kill you too.

Anton Chekhov, dramatist

A doctor, like anyone else who has to deal with human beings, each of them unique, cannot be a scientist; he is either, like the surgeon, a craftsman, or, like the physician and the psychologist, an artist.

W. H. Auden, poet

Every doctor will allow a colleague to decimate a whole countryside sooner than violate the bond of professional etiquette by giving him away.

George Bernard Shaw, dramatist

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