When Donald Duck traded his wings for arms, was he trading up or trading down?
— Doug Coupland

One day donald Trump will discover that he is owned by Lutheran Brotherhood and must re negotiate his debt load with a committee of silent Norwegians who don't understand why anyone would pay more than $120.00 for a suit.
Garrison Keillor donald quote

Although, I am proud of all my Symphonies as they all have something special to say, my particular favourite is the Fifth. As the great Mahler expert Donald Mitchell said that if Mahler had written another Symphony, it would have been my Fifth!
— Malcolm Arnold

The Chavez-Obama pictures will join a postmodern photo array that includes Donald Rumsfeld gifting Saddam Hussein with spurs from President Reagan.
— Christine Pelosi

Donald Trump, I would vote for him. Trump would make this country better I feel.
— donald quotation by Nicole Polizzi