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Digital downloading of music has affected us all in adverse ways. Wynonna Judd

Downloading is definitely on the rise, but not because it's free - that's probably third on the list - but because it's immediate and the selection is virtually unlimited. Don Rose

Because Microsoft seems to sometimes not trust customer choice, they salt XP with all these little gizmos and trap doors to get people to try Microsoft stuff. But the reality is that we're downloading more players than we ever have on a worldwide basis. Rob Glaser
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We live in a connected world now. Some find that frightening. If people are downloading our music, they're listening to it. The internet is like radio for us. Jeff Tweedy

I think downloading is both saving and killing the music industry at the same time. Isaac Hanson

I understand why some kid in his bedroom in Wisconsin thinks downloading songs couldn't hurt anyone. True fans will buy the CD or go see the movie after downloading, but to say it doesn't affect anyone - come on. Rob Zombie

When they were done downloading all the information off each hard drive, they took all the computers, all the literature, and loaded everything into a big white truck and left. Sherman Austin
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Downloading songs is not good. Obie Trice

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