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Picture quote by Ridley Scott about movies

I think movies are getting dumber, actually. Where it used to be 50/50 and it's 3% good and 97% stupid. ⏤ Ridley Scott

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We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.

J. K. Rowling, novelist

Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?

J. K. Rowling, novelist

No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

George S. Patton, soldier

Pretend to be dumb, that's the only way to reach old age.

Friedrich Durrenmatt, author

To the dumb question, 'Why me?' the cosmos barely bothers to return the reply, 'Why not?'

Christopher Hitchens, author

When I was 18, I thought my father was pretty dumb. After a while when I got to be 21, I was amazed to find out how much he'd learned in three years.

Frank Butler,

It's a combination of life being unpredictable, and you being super dumb.

Aaron Sorkin, producer

Light troubles speak; the weighty are struck dumb.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca, statesman

Too clever is dumb.

Ogden Nash, poet

I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I'm not dumb... and I also know that I'm not blonde.

Dolly Parton, musician

If this were a dictatorship it would be a heck of a lot easier... as long as I'm the dictator. Hehehe.

George W. Bush, president

What's Walmart, do they sell like wall stuff?

Paris Hilton, celebrity

I'm a giraffe. I even walk like a giraffe with a long neck and legs. It's a pretty dumb animal, mind you.

Sophia Loren, actress

Liberals become indignant when you question their patriotism, but simultaneously work overtime to give terrorists a cushion for the next attack and laugh at dumb Americans who love their country and hate the enemy.

Ann Coulter, journalist

Would it not be much better to have a president who deliberately lied to the people because he thought a war was essential than to have one who was so dumb as to be taken in by intelligence agencies, especially those who told him what he wanted to hear?

Andrew Greeley, clergyman

I get to go to overseas places, like Canada.

Britney Spears, musician

I would say the best moment of all was when I caught a 7.5-lb. perch in my lake. (Answering a reporter who asked him to name the best moment of his Presidency.)

George W. Bush, president

P.S. I enjoy acid pops.

J. K. Rowling, novelist

For future reference, Harry, it is raspberry...although of course, if I were a Death Eater, I would have been sure to research my own jam preferences before impersonating myself.

J. K. Rowling, novelist

They are damn good projects - excellent projects. That goes for all the projects up there. You know some people make fun of people who speak a foreign language, and dumb people criticize something they do not understand, and that is what is going on up there - God damn it!

Harry Hopkins, diplomat

Half of being smart is knowing what you are dumb about.

Solomon Short,

You have to be smart to play a dumb blonde over and over again and keep the audience's attention without extraordinary physical equipment.

Judy Holliday, actress

I always said you have to be really smart or really dumb to play this game well. I just don't know where I fit in.

Beth Daniel, athlete

Maybe these kids are just too young and too dumb to know about the first 13. Maybe they can't comprehend that the Braves have only won one World Series in those 13 years.

Tim Hudson,

I hate it when people talk about Buffy as being campy... I hate camp, I don't enjoy dumb TV. I believe Aaron Spelling has single-handedly lowered SAT scores.

Joss Whedon, writer

I had no confidence at school. I was not a good student and I really thought I was pretty stupid. Just dumb.

Tommy Hilfiger, designer

When you're young, you look at television and think, there's a conspiracy. The networks have conspired to dumb us down. But when you get a little older, you realize that's not true. The networks are in business to give people exactly what they want.

Steve Jobs, businessman

I actually think Bill Gates is conventionally smarter, even though it's a dumb word, but mental processing power - I've watched him use four different screens, process information, get to the right answer, boom boom boom.

Walter Isaacson, writer

I'll do anything for $50. People are always trying to get me to do dumb things. The possibilities are endless.

Ryan Cabrera, musician

I may be a dumb blonde, but I'm not that blonde.

Patricia Neal, actress

Teenage girls these days are more and more getting lured into thinking they should dumb themselves down, and that's going to attract the wrong kind of guy, and it's serious. It's serious business.

Danica McKellar, actress

Find your self-respect now. Don't dumb yourselves down. Think of yourself as capable and worthy of finding a guy who is going to respect you, too. It's so important, I mean, and the confidence you get from feeling smart and tackling something like mathematics, which is a challenge, right? Math is hard.

Danica McKellar, actress

I went to about one frat party a year. A year seemed to be enough time for me to forget how much I didn't like frat parties, and my friends would eventually convince me to go to one. Cheap beer, guys looking for a quick hook-up, and girls playing 'dumb' to get in on the hook-up. I just never got into it.

Danica McKellar, actress

Every character has their reasons - even the characters who do dumb things.

Zoe Saldana, actress

Look at Jessica Simpson. She's famous for being dumb. I guess it started with Marylyn Monroe, and she actually wasn't that dumb, but that's how she was perceived - and that's what got popular.

Danica McKellar, actress

I might not understand everything a Democrat or liberal thinks but hey let's be honest, I don't understand some of the things the Republicans think, but that doesn't make me some dumb hick that doesn't have the right to live here.

Angie Harmon, model

I just want to creatively grow and be inspired. I don't want to do anything generic or dumb.

Sienna Miller, actress

There is no definitive guidebook on how to pick the right partner, and even if there were, I'm way too dumb to write it.

Justin Halpern, author

It is just like man's vanity and impertinence to call an animal dumb because it is dumb to his dull perceptions.

Mark Twain, author

Books are the carriers of civilization. Without books, history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill.

Barbara Tuchman, historian

A pas de deux is a dialogue of love. How can there be conversation if one partner is dumb?

Rudolf Nureyev, dancer

When you work you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to music. Which of you would be a reed, dumb and silent, when all else sings together in unison?

Khalil Gibran, poet

You see a lot of smart guys with dumb women, but you hardly ever see a smart woman with a dumb guy.

Erica Jong, novelist

Innocence is like a dumb leper who has lost his bell, wandering the world, meaning no harm.

Graham Greene, playwright

My obstetrician was so dumb that when I gave birth he forgot to cut the cord. For a year that kid followed me everywhere. It was like having a dog on a leash.

Joan Rivers, comedian

Watch me when people say deaf and dumb, or deaf mute, and I give them a look like you might get if you called Denzel Washington the wrong name.

Marlee Matlin, actress

When Andy died, I just drank to dumb my mind.

Maurice Gibb, musician

Well, he can't be dumb, I mean, because he's been president for four years and he's president again, so you're going to get caught out if you're really bad, aren't you? Unless millions and millions of Americans are dumb.

John Newcombe, athlete

Everybody says how hard comedy is, but, when it comes time to honor things, whether it's on a weekly critical basis or whether it's award time, at that time of the year, comedy is the poor, dumb child of dramatic work.

Ivan Reitman, actor

Well, first I studied piano. I wasn't very satisfied because I though my teachers were dumb... and repressive.

Luc Ferrari, composer

Newspapermen ask dumb questions. They look up at the sun and ask if it is shining.

Sonny Liston, athlete

I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid.

Terry Bradshaw, athlete

Girls have an unfair advantage over men: if they can't get what they want by being smart, they can get it by being dumb.

Yul Brynner, actor

I appreciated and respected kids who asked questions. They didn't do it to get attention, but because they were interested. Kids who didn't want to look dumb seemed like scared little rabbits.

Henry Cole, public servant

As yesterday's positive report card shows, childrens do learn when standards are high and results are measured. —New York, Sept. 26, 2007

George W. Bush, president

Striving to tell his woes, words would not come; For light cares speak, when mighty griefs are dumb.

Samuel Daniel, poet

There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.

George W. Bush, president

Somebody gets to be smart and somebody gets to be dumb. If we win, it'll be because of the president. And if we lose, it'll be because of me.

Karl Rove, politician

I really can't complain about actresses who get paid to be dumb. Most of us can't get paid to be smart.

Aaron Allston, novelist

Arthur Miller wouldn't have married me if I had been nothing but a dumb blonde.

Marilyn Monroe, actress

I don't oppose all wars. What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war.

Barack Obama, president

I don't have to wait until the next morning to regret something I did that was kinda dumb.

Bobby Knight, basketball coach

If somebody's dumb enough to ask me to go to a political convention and say something, they're going to have to take what they get.

Clint Eastwood, actor

I'm stupid, I'm ugly, I'm dumb, I smell. Did I mention I'm stupid?

Eminem, rapper

Heaven is dumb, echoing only the dumb.

Franz Kafka, novelist

No one is dumb who is curious. The people who don't ask questions remain clueless throughout their lives.

Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist

In midlife, we're as dumb as we get.

P. J. O'Rourke, comedian

We've got to dumb America up again.

Ray Bradbury, writer

I bought a company in the mid-'90s called Dexter Shoe and paid $400 million for it. And it went to zero. And I gave about $400 million worth of Berkshire stock, which is probably now worth $400 billion. But I've made lots of dumb decisions. That's part of the game.

Warren Buffett, business magnate

We have to confront the very scary fact that the president is a moron. He's really dumb.

Aaron McGruder, artist

Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!

J. K. Rowling, novelist

I have been primarily interested in how and why ordinary people do unusual things, things that seem alien to their natures. Why do good people sometimes act evil? Why do smart people sometimes do dumb or irrational things?

Philip Zimbardo, psychologist

The United States has got some of the dumbest people in the world. I want you to know that we know that.

Ted Turner, businessman

I believe that a scientist looking at nonscientific problems is just as dumb as the next guy.

Richard P. Feynman, physicist

I had to go to a mirror and look at it. I couldn't picture myself in my own head. I had no image beyond a stick figure. I wasn't a mean person as a kid, or dumb, and something has to be said to justify excluding you.

Uma Thurman, actress

The biggest threat to McDonald's lies within - and that is us as a company becoming complacent. There are a lot of companies that get fat, dumb and happy and take their eye off the ball and forget about serving customers.

Charlie Bell, businessman

The movie Spinal Tap rocked my world. It's for rock what The Sound of Music was for hills. They really nailed how dumb rock can be.

Jack Black, actor

On their own merits modest men are dumb.

George Colman, dramatist

Don't dumb it down. The audience is smart and gets what you are doing.

Bruce Paltrow, producer

I know a lot of people think I'm dumb. Well, at least I ain't no educated fool.

Leon Spinks, athlete

I'm dumbfounded, but nothing surprises me in this game.

Francis Lee, athlete

Obscenities... I think a lot of dumb people do it because they can't think of what they want to say and they're frustrated. A lot of smart people do it to pretend they aren't very smart - want to be just one of the boys.

Andy Rooney, journalist

I was deaf and dumb and blind to all but me, myself and I.

Loretta Young, actress

I was so wild and crazy and dumb in my car. It didn't run but 30 miles an hour. You made do.

Muddy Waters, musician

It has come to my attention, that air pollution is polluting the air!

George W. Bush, president

Alas! Earwax!

J. K. Rowling, novelist

It's lucky it's dark. I haven't blushed so much since Madam Pomfrey told me she liked my new earmuffs.

J. K. Rowling, novelist

One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures.

George W. Bush, president

I was too dumb to know Opie was going to grow up to be a great Director, if so, boy, I would certainly have become his best friend.

George Lindsey, actor

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the dumbest of you all?

Anne Robinson, celebrity

Everybody started saying, well, this cat's not as dumb as people think he is.

David Allan Coe, musician

More than anything else, we need in this society the opportunity for people to tell us what they think without being told that they're either dumb, or stupid, or uninformed.

Brian Lamb, businessman

Generally speaking, actors are allowed NO input. Actors are dumb.

Dirk Benedict, actor

I did a terrible television pilot that was so badly written and dumb that it became a turning point for me and I decided that I would never accept a job just because I needed the money.

Fran Drescher, actress

Elvis is not so difficult as Johnny Cash because his voice is so distinctive. If you try to copy Johnny Cash, it's just going to sound dumb.

Brian Setzer, musician

I always said it was to be dumb enough to do what Marlon Perkins said to do.

Jim Fowler, scientist

Outside of dumb luck, the number one way serial killers are caught is through the help of the public.

Pat Brown, entertainer

If a man is dumb, someone is going to get the best of him, so why not you? If you don't, you're as dumb as he is.

Arnold Rothstein, businessman

She said 'I'm by commission. You don't have to pay anything until you sell anything.' I said, 'Well fine. You want to be my agent and not make anything.' I thought, 'Boy, is she dumb.'

Amy Tan, novelist

I've always thought those guys are really funny. And I love Dumb and Dumber, Kingpin and Mary.

David Zucker, director

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