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The dung beetle, seeing its child on the wall, thinks it sees a pearl on a thread. — Arabic Proverbs

Corpses are more fit to be thrown out than is dung. — Heraclitus

A society which allows an abominable event to burgeon from its dung heap and grow on its surface is like a man who lets a fly crawl unheeded across his face or saliva dribble from his mouth -- either epileptic or dead. — Jean Baudrillard

They take unbelievable pleasure in the hideous blast of the hunting horn and baying of the hounds. Dogs dung smells sweet as cinnamon to them. — Desiderius Erasmus

Just walking, I found a man who gave me a full scholarship to the United States. My mother still lives in a cow-dung hut, none of my brothers are going to school, and this man told me, 'Here, go.' — Joseph Lekuton

I have a problem with Porsches. They're wonderful cars, but I know I could never live with one. Somehow, the typical Porsche people-and I wish them no ill-are not, I feel, my kind of people. I don't go around saying that Porsches are a pile of dung, but I do know that psychologically I couldn't handle owning one. — Rowan Atkinson

. . . dogma is less useful than cow dung. One can make whatever one likes out of it, even revisionism. . . . — Mao Zedong

He who hears this name [God] from a Jew must inform the authorities, or else throw sow dung at him when he sees him and chase him away. — Martin Luther