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I knew I was alone in a way that no earthling has ever been before. — Michael Collins

Ultimately, we actually all belong to only one tribe, to Earthlings. — Jill Tarter

Sea levels are rising, and Kiribati, along with 42 other nations in the world, will be under water within 50 to 100 years. Some of the islands have already gone under water. ... What do we do with displaced fellow earthlings that no longer have a home on the planet? — Greg Stone

Human beings are Earthlings and as Earthlings are connected to every other living being on this planet. — Sharon Gannon

Pathetic Earthlings... There's not enough makeup in the universe to cover those hideous, age-ravaged potato sacks that you call faces. — Mary Kay Ash

I am excited to think that the development of commercial capabilities to send humans into low Earth orbit will likely result in so many more Earthlings being able to experience the transformative power of space flight. — Buzz Aldrin

There is very little doubt, in my mind, that what the next monumental achievement of humanity will be the first landing by an Earthling, a human being, on the planet Mars. — Buzz Aldrin

We are all environmentalists now, but we are not all planetists. An environmentalist realizes that nature has its pleasures and deserves respect. A planetist puts the earth ahead of the earthlings. — William Safire