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Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.

— S. D Gordon

Cheerful Easter Egg quotations

Easter egg quote If an egg is broken by outside, life ends. If broken by inside force, life begin
If an egg is broken by outside, life ends. If broken by inside force, life begins. Great things always begin from inside.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Easter egg quote You can't unscramble the scrambled eggs, but you can always create delicious new
You can't unscramble the scrambled eggs, but you can always create delicious new recipes omelettes!

There's nothing better than a good, blind referee.

I use a lot of double meanings. I hide 'em like Easter eggs.

He that but looketh on a plate of ham and eggs to lust after it hath already committed breakfast with it in his heart

They have Easter egg hunts in Philadelphia, and if the kids don't find the eggs, they get booed.

Philadelphia fans would boo funerals, an Easter egg hunt, a parade of armless war vets and the Liberty Bell.

He's the only man I know of who can hide his own easter eggs.

A guy comes down to earth, takes your sins, dies, and comes back three days later. You believe in him and go to heaven forever. How do you get from that to Hide-The-Eggs? Did Jesus have a problem with eggs? Did he go, "When I come back, if I see any eggs, the whole salvation thing is off."

Easter, so longed for, is gone in a day.

Today was the annual Easter egg roll on the White House lawn.

Usually when you see something rolling on the White House lawn it's a drunk Secret Service agent.

A toast once heard: "To my big sister, who never found her second Easter egg until I'd found my first."

Ex-convicts prepared the eggs for the White House’s Easter Egg Roll.

It’s nice to see the White House reaching out to former members of Congress.

I lied on my Weight Watchers list. I put down that I had 3 eggs... but they were Cadbury chocolate eggs.

Happy Easter everyone! Jesus dies, comes back from the dead - and we get chocolate eggs. It's like turn-down service from God.

It seemed clear to me early on that one of the things a photograph could do was make a reality, and I wanted to do that. I always think of looking inside an Easter egg and seeing a perfect world.

There are Easter eggs in every book I've ever written.

I think in the first one I called Scientology "Diabology," but I was scared, so I didn't tell many people what it really meant.

Kids in Washington every year have the big Easter egg roll on the White House lawn. The kids found 300 Easter eggs. They also found about 10,000 missing Hillary emails.

If elected, Hillary Clinton could be impeached based on what we already know, and there's plenty more yet to be discovered. Emails and other documents that could be used in impeachment proceedings are waiting to be found like Easter eggs laid out for 3-year-olds.

I'll protect myself by making up all this crazy stuff.

It'll be like a little shell. Like an Easter egg shell that's all decorated.

There might be an Easter egg in there that I'm missing [in Timeless], I'll have to look again, but there are pop culture references, for sure. There are a lot of references that you would only understand if you've seen the movie The Untouchables.

Fenway Park, in Boston, is a lyric little bandbox of a ballpark.

Everything is painted green and seems in curiously sharp focus, like the inside of an old-fashioned peeping-type Easter egg.

As a general rule, fans and idols should always be kept at arm's length, the length of the arm to be proportionate to the degree of sheer idolatry involved. Don't take a Beatle to lunch. Don't wait up to see if the Easter Bunny is real. Just enjoy the egg hunt.

In Australia...they celebrate Easter the same...by telling our children a giant bunny rabbit...left chocolate eggs in the night

The allegations of me being a pedophile are spurious, at best.

However I will admit that taking my knickers off in the park and having an Easter Egg hunt with those apple-cheeked four year olds was in my best interest and not theirs

I am a big gamer. I am kind of in the beginning stages of creating a graphic novel entity that would encompass a game and a movie. I would die happy if I could be a voice in a game that I would actually play and create easter eggs with the team. That's my dream.

Almost everything is in the movie [The Hangover].

I think the fun little Easter eggs on the DVD will be sort of the gag reel stuff. There's a lot of takes we just couldn't get through.We were laughing.

The Sundering is a world spanning event that creates ripples all across the Realms. The books in the series are connected in that they take place against that backdrop, showing different aspects of it. The stories, however, are not sequels or intertwined, though there are some Easter Eggs across books.

We're also talking a lot in the room about planting seeds that can grow over the course of the season, knowing that people might be watching them in bulk. We'd like to bury some Easter eggs and let people find them, later on.

My favorite Catholic holiday is Easter.

For those of you that don't know, Easter is the day we celebrate Jesus rising from the grave and coming back to Earth as a rabbit that hides colored eggs.

I was over in Australia during Easter, which was really interesting.

You know, they celebrate Easter the exact same way we do, commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus by telling our children that a giant bunny rabbit left chocolate eggs in the night. Now I wonder why we're f-ked up as a race. I've read the Bible. I can't find the word "bunny" or "chocolate" anywhere in the f-king book.

Hundreds of barefoot Filipinos marched on the roads through the Philippines carrying heavy wooden crosses and whipping their backs until they bled to prepare for Easter. Call me old-fashioned but I just like coloring the eggs.

I'm Jewish, so I don't know much about easter eggs.

I said, 'The nice thing about Alzheimer's is you get to hide your own Easter eggs.'

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