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I have one good girlfriend and then most of my friends are guys. Which I love, because they're just like so easygoing and I love to play like Xbox and just chill out when I'm not working, so boys are probably the way to go for me.

— Ashley Benson

Surprising Easygoing quotations

Slater's a big star and he's been in the business a long time.

He's always in a good mood and easygoing but he takes his character very seriously.

An easygoing person is probably more accessible to the realization of eternity--the endless flow of life and death--than one who takes his prospects and duties overseriously. It is the overserious who are truly frivolous.

Whatever people may say, the fastidious formal manner of the upper classes is preferable to the slovenly easygoing behaviour of the common middle class. In moments of crisis, the former know how to act, the latter become uncouth brutes.

Legitimized love always despises its easygoing brother.

I am generally a very happy and easygoing person.

I have not been an easygoing guy. I think it's called bipolar manic depression. I've got a rich history of that in my family.

I like the distinction. It enables me to have more easygoing encounters in my private life.

Ron Howard is as good a person as you could want to work with on film.

He never lost his cool. He's the most easygoing, lovely man, but he's got this enormous intelligence and a wonderful humanity

I was the official wedding photographer at one of my best friends' weddings.

Fortunately she was one of the most easygoing brides ever, so she made it easy for me.

Sportsmanship and easygoing methods are all right, but it is the prospect of a hot fight that brings out the crowds.

I'm not an easygoing guy as a director.

I like to think my dad was easygoing and kind, and I think some of those things have been passed down. I am like him in a sense of being positive and hopeful. He was compassionate, and I've got a lot of that in me as well.

I've always loved working, doing interviews with the guys on the 'Today' show;

everyone's really easygoing, and I always feel comfortable on the show.

I think that I probably break on set more than I make other people break.

I've realized recently that, in my everyday social life, I'm a very easygoing person, but when it comes to work, I'm pretty type - A. I'm very focused and I take it maybe too seriously sometimes. So, when I'm on set, even when there are really funny people that I'm in the scenes with, I'm generally good at not breaking too often.

War films usually so dark or dirty or intense, and sometimes they guide you to feeling a certain way against war, in general. But, to have a film that just speaks honestly to the soldier's experience and isn't jaded and is just authentic and easygoing in its message, I think is really nice to see.

I am quite a positive man in real life.

In fact, even when I have a hard discussion with somebody, it lasts only five minutes. Then I forget. And I forgive everything. But at the same time, as I am such an easygoing guy, to create something more intense, I have to be auto-destructive on the making of a film. And this will guarantee some density.

I do a lot of laughing at my own self in life, so I think I come at things with a pretty easygoing view.

To use words and phrases in an easygoing manner without scrutinizing them too curiously is not in general a mark of ill-breeding. On the contrary, there is something low-bred in being too precise. But sometimes there is no help for it

Fruit-bearing involves cross-bearing.

There are not two Christs--an easygoing one for easygoing Christians, and a suffering, toiling one for exceptional believers. There is only one Christ. Are you willing to abide in Him, and thus to bear much fruit?

I am really, I think, truly an easygoing, positive, fun person.

If you like easygoing, monogamous men, stay away from billionaires.

Once you're president, you can't go anywhere without causing trouble.

President Obama shows up in China, he's chewing gum, they go crazy. A big stink because the president's chewing gum. And you think, the Chinese are so easygoing about human rights. What's the problem?

I'm a pretty easygoing guy. I'm not hard to get along with. I never had anybody that I had trouble with. On the other team, sometimes you don't like players because of the way they act, but then you get to know them and then they're very good people. But I never disliked anybody.

I'm pretty squeaky clean. No big tragedies in my childhood or adolescence or adulthood. I've had a very easygoing, simple life.

I'm such a happy, easygoing person.

I think 'growing up' would mean that you are incredibly tolerant and easygoing, liked everything, curious about the world because you weren't so egotistically driven.

Marriage is tolerable enough in its way if youre easygoing and dont expect too much from it. But it doesnt bear thinking about.

May God deliver us from the easygoing, smooth, comfortable Christianity that never lets the truth get hold of us.

I am generally a very happy and easygoing person.

I also believe it's always better to meet people with a smile rather than looking cold, especially when you first meet. It changes everything.

It's not that I believe women are more ethical.

I will say that one of women's greatest weaknesses is probably our greatest strength. We are incredibly hard on each other. We ask all the questions. Men are more easygoing. If you've ever been in a group of women, you'll recognize this: Nobody gives one woman the opportunity to lead the way without asking a whole lot of questions.

Some people who experience a religious conversion seem to undergo a personality change. They can be quite congenial and easygoing when talking about mundane things, but when they start talking about their faith, their demeanor changes. Their tone of voice modifies, their smile becomes tense and they become defensive when questioned about their evidence for belief. It becomes difficult to have a friendly conversation with them.

We can't take a slipshod and easygoing attitude toward education in this country. And by "we" I don't mean "somebody else," but I mean me and I mean you. It is the future of our country-yours and mine-which is at stake.

Guys are so easygoing and girls are a little harder to please, but that's okay.

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