Mind-blowing Eazy E quotations

I bet Eazy E is turning over in his grave, to see that some of ya'll done made gangsta rap gay

I got Ice Cube his start. I also launched Eazy-E.

The last time I seen Eazy-E, we were at a meeting at the House of Blues with me, Big Hutch and Jada Pinkett Smith talking about shooting the Kalifornia video. Eazy was coughing real bad at the table and had to be excused a couple of times. EAZY-E never did tell us he was sick bad, but we knew. 2 weeks later, our beloved brother passed. I guess that was Eric's Wright way of saying, don't feel sorry for me, everything will be alright.

Eazy-E was cooler than Barack Obama and Michelle put together.

Eazy-E was not a rapper! He was a stone cold businessman.

EAZY use to say that out of His own mouth. But one thing that he did have when it came to his artistry , is that voice. At least Eazy-E admitted he had ghost writers & people that wrote for him. Some of today's super star rappers will not admit they have ghost writers. Eazy-E always kept it 1000.