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We're all consumers. The consumer is not a moron; she is your wife.

No gain is so certain as that which proceeds from the economical use of what you already have. — Proverbs

Most writers regard the truth as their most valuable possession, and therefore are economical in its use. — Mark Twain

I hope you love birds, too. It is economical. It saves going to Heaven. — Emily Dickinson

Economics and politics are the governing powers of life today, and that's why everything is so screwy. — Joseph Campbell

Unlimited economic growth has the marvelous quality of stilling discontent while maintaining privilege, a fact that has not gone unnoticed among liberal economists. — Noam Chomsky

We must lay hold of the fact that economic laws are not made by nature. They are made by human beings. — Franklin D. Roosevelt

When a management with a reputation for brilliance tackles a business with a reputation for bad economics, it is the reputation of the business that remains intact. — Warren Buffett

The female of the genus homo is economically dependent on the male. He is her food supply. — Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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