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We actually have 10 times as many cells of microbes on us as we have human cells. ... We are literally a teeming ecosystem of microorganisms. — Jonathan Eisen

I turned to the teeming small creatures that can be held between the thumb and forefinger: the little things that compose the foundation of our ecosystems, the little things, as I like to say, who run the world. — E.O. Wilson

Somewhere in the Amazon forest is the marginal tree. You cut down that tree, the rain forest collapses as an ecosystem. — Stephen Petranek

Each of these [bacterial] species are masterpieces of evolution. Each has persisted for thousands to millions of years. Each is exquisitely adapted to the environment in which it lives, interlocked with other species to form ecosystems upon which our own lives depend in ways we have not begun even to imagine. — E.O. Wilson

The Biblical world view sees Earth and its ecosystems as the effect of a wise God's creation and... therefore robust, resilient, and self-regulating, like the product of any good engineer. — Christopher Monckton

Your body isn't just a body. It's an ecosystem. — Doug Coupland

Putting our ecosystem in great peril is certainly not a part of Chinese culture that I know. — Yao Ming

The ecosystem of our world is a closed system: it would run out of gas, collapse of its own weight. — Joan D. Vinge