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Responsibility is what awaits outside the Eden of Creativity. — Nadine Gordimer

Where the apple reddens never pry -- lest we lose our Edens, Eve and I. — Robert Browning

These two imparadised in one another's arms, the happier Eden, shall enjoy their fill of bliss on bliss. — John Milton

Did perpetual happiness in the Garden of Eden maybe get so boring that eating the apple was justified? — Chuck Palahniuk

Temptation has been here ever since the Garden of Eden. — Jerry Falwell

When God created the first human beings, God led them around the garden of Eden and said: Look at my works! See how beautiful they are -- how excellent! For your sake I created them all. See to it you do not spoil and destroy My world; for if you do, there will be no one else to repair it. — R. Kohelet

No monster vibration, no snake universe hallucinations. Many tiny jeweled violet flowers along the path of a living brook that looked like Blake's illustration for a canal in grassy Eden: huge Pacific watery shore, Orlovsky dancing naked like Shiva long-haired before giant green waves, titanic cliffs that Wordsworth mentioned in his own Sublime, great yellow sun veiled with mist hanging over the planet's oceanic horizon. No harm. — Allen Ginsberg

Just as a prism of glass miters light and casts a colored braid, a garden sings sweet incantations the human heart strains to hear. Hiding in every flower, in every leaf, in every twig and bough, are reflections of the God who once walked with us in Eden. — Tonia Triebwasser