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Only kings, presidents, editors, and people with tapeworms have the right to use the editorial "we."

Mark Twain, author

I can only assume that your editorial writer tripped over the First Amendment and thought it was the office cat.

E. B. White, writer

I just lead my life as naturally, as normally as I possibly can. But I can't help it if controversy is hounding me day in and day out. I'm quite amazed sometimes by the way they go about it. I grow a beard and it lands up in the editorial in The Times of India.

Amitabh Bachchan, actor

We've got activists all across the country like the members of the Million Mom March organization, some of their leaders are here tonight. We're phone banking congressional offices and pursuing editorial boards.

Michael D. Barnes, politician

The formation of the News America Publishing Group will lead to greater editorial excitement, new business opportunities and greater efficiencies and coordination.

Peter Chernin,

Contrary to the claims of some of my critics and some of the editorial pages, I am an ardent believer in the free market.

Barack Obama, president

First, I was a fact checker for Zagat and then I was an editorial assistant for HarperCollins publishing house.

Anna Chlumsky, actress

There is no need for advertisements to look like advertisements. If you make them look like editorial pages, you will attract about 50 per cent more readers.

David Ogilvy, businessman

The advertisements in a newspaper are more full knowledge in respect to what is going on in a state or community than the editorial columns are.

Henry Ward Beecher, clergyman

As for editorial content, that's the stuff you separate the ads with.

Lord Thomson of Fleet, publisher

In the beginning, we had a great deal of freedom, and Jerry wrote completely out of his imagination - very, very freely. We even had no editorial supervision to speak of, because they were in such a rush to get the thing in before deadline. But later on we were restricted.

Joe Shuster, artist

We served on the editorial board of a literary monthly called Face in 1968 and 1969. He was a young writer, and I was also interested in broad cultural issues. We agreed on all major issues and became friends.

Vaclav Klaus, statesman

There is too much illustrating of the news these days. I look at many editorial cartoons and I don't know what the cartoonists are saying or how they feel about a certain issue.

Paul Conrad, cartoonist

If I can finish a cartoon in 20 minutes, then that's the ideal editorial cartoon - it's to the point.

Paul Conrad, cartoonist

I have no idea what readership is of written editorials, but it doesn't come anywhere close to the readership of editorial cartoons.

Paul Conrad, cartoonist

Once I've discovered the story, I might restructure it, maybe move things around, set up a clue that something is going to happen later, but that happens much later in an editorial capacity.

Michael Ondaatje, author

The ethics of editorial judgement, however, began to go though a sea change during the late 1970s and '80s when the Carter and Reagan Administrations de-regulated the television industry.

Roger Mudd, journalist

The first job I was offered was as an editorial assistant. I think it was the best thing for me, in terms of being a storyteller by nature, to have spent years being an editor because I learned so much from it.

Terri Windling, artist

I knew I wanted to be a journalist ever since I was a teenager. While it is interesting and gratifying to be on the business side and to see how that all works, the main reason I kept a business role here was to protect the editorial integrity of Salon.

David Talbot, journalist

People sort of take it for granted, but the more you see of the media world the more you appreciate a paper like the Times where its family continues to invest in editorial quality and I think it's the truly is the best paper in the world.

David Talbot, journalist

I have no problem selling books to media franchises and we do it all the time. The author must understand that he/she is a writer for hire and has no control over copyright or over editorial changes made to the text.

Richard Curtis, writer

I had to jump out of a plane! The shoot was for an editorial for a magazine; and it called for skydiving.

Bridget Hall, model

That the Op-Ed page is very important in readers' and the nation's perception of the Times, the perception of its editorial positions, and of its implicit editorial positions as expressed by the publisher's choice of people who are given the freedom to write opinion columns.

Daniel Okrent, editor

When I'm watching somebody act, it's a behavior editorial function - I look at someone act, and I might say, 'I don't believe him when he says that.' I don't know why I don't believe him, probably because the people that I've met, they don't act like that when they say stuff like that and mean it.

David Fincher, director

Suddenly the whole imagination of writing and editorial and newspaper and all these presumptions about who am I reading this, and who else other people may be, and all that, it's so grimly brutal!

Robert Creeley, poet

The New York Times editorial page is like a Ouija board that has only three answers, no matter what the question. The answers are: higher taxes, more restrictions on political speech and stricter gun control.

Ann Coulter, journalist

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