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I would anticipate that the Electoral College will be held on the 13th of December, and our 20 electorate votes will go to the certified winner.

— Kenneth Blackwell

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I would anticipate that the Electoral College will be held on the 13th of December, and our 20 electorate votes will go to the certified winner.

Presidents are elected not by direct popular vote but by 538 members of the Electoral College.

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Texas is now a cornerstone of the electoral college for Republicans.

It's clear enough that there was substantial fraud in Ohio, thus delivering the Electoral College vote for President Bush.

In the 2000 presidential election, Al Gore got more votes than George W.

Bush, but still lost the election. The Supreme Court's ruling in Florida gave Bush that pivotal state, and doomed Gore to lose the Electoral College. That odd scenario - where the candidate with the most votes loses - has happened three times in U.S. history.

After immersing myself in the mysteries of the Electoral College for a novel I wrote in the '90s, I came away believing that the case for scrapping it is less obvious than I originally thought.

Every citizen's vote should count in America, not just the votes of partisan insiders in the Electoral College. The Electoral College was necessary when communications were poor, literacy was low and voters lacked information about out-of-state figures, which is clearly no longer the case.

I ran for the electoral college. I didn't run for the popular vote.

I would've easily won the popular vote, much easier, in my opinion, than winning the electoral college.

The primary purpose of the Electoral College is to maintain the power of the states and to support the idea that the election is decided by the states. It's not decided by the general population, and it never was.

I never stop running. I'm not one of the weenies who drop out just because the electoral college votes. I'm still in the race. I'm an extremely corrupt candidate and I stress that in case anybody in our reading audience is interested in sending me money.

I put it out before the American people, got 306 electoral college votes…270 which you need, that was laughable. We got 306 because people came out and voted like they’ve never seen before so that’s the way it goes. I guess it was the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan.

The Electoral College has been with us since the first days of America.

Donald Trump wasn't vying for the popular vote.

He was vying for the Electoral College, as was Hillary Clinton. The only difference is he got over 300 electoral votes, and she did not.

This is exactly why the Electoral College is set up the way it is, so that one state would not elect the president.

Campaigns are conducted specifically because of the Electoral College, and people accept it and they understand it. Whether they know it or not, they accept it.

The Electoral College protects state sovereignty.

It actually is one of the most brilliantly conceived electoral mechanisms ever.

I'm sorry I ever invented the Electoral College.

Even without voting, illegal aliens do affect who gets elected president, and that's since the Electoral College elects the president, and the states are given 80% of their electoral votes based on their population, whether they include illegals or not, is the assessment that that is how they affect elections.

The Democrat Party, particularly with demographic shifts taking, would love to get rid of the Electoral College.

I think the Electoral College is an absurd 18th-century construct. But that is the law.

You can't understand the Electoral College unless you know what federalism is, and federalism is one of these terms that, in many cases, means the exact opposite of the word as it's currently applied.

I don't want to get too nuanced, but we have the electoral college in the United States and that means we don't have direct democracy.

If I had lost the popular vote but won the electoral college and in my first day as president the intelligence community came to me and said, "The Russians influenced the election," I would've never stood for it. Even though it might've advantaged me, I would've said, "We've got to get to the bottom of this." I would've set up an independent commission with subpoena power and everything else.

Other than they may or may not have discussed the relative merits of the Electoral College vs. the popular vote, what I am told by sources close to Al Gore is that this was at the instigation of Ivanka Trump, that she reached out to the former vice president recently to discuss climate change, and that he was really impressed with the way she was thinking about the issue, framing the issue.

The way the electoral college works, the way the states have kind of sorted themselves out in such a way that most states, the conclusion is foregone and there's no reason for the candidate to be there and for that reason, for that same, because of those same dynamics there's no reason for the journalist to be there combing the opinions of voters there because we know that California's gonna vote Democratic.

The presidential campaign was oriented toward the way we elect the presidency, Electoral College, not the popular vote. The popular vote doesn't matter. This is not a direct democracy. We have a representative republic, and the popular vote doesn't matter and it never has, by design.

There is a route to the presidency in this country, and it's called the Electoral College, and both candidates base their campaigns on winning the Electoral College, not the popular vote. And in that pursuit, Donald Trump won in a landslide or near landslide. And in that pursuit, Barack Obama and his agenda was repudiated. And not just this year. In the 2010 midterms, the 2014 midterms, and this election.

I think it's particularly raw coming the day after the Electoral College, and Bill Clinton, he's taking this hard. It's been very hard to him. He thought his wife was gonna win. He believed she should have won. I think he believes, basically, it was an unfair result.

Donald Trump won the election by three million votes, if you throw out California and New York. You throw out California, New York, Trump wins by three million votes. If you include California and New York Hillary wins by, what was it, 2.5 or 2.2 million votes. It's a perfect illustration of why we have the Electoral College.

Steve Bannon is clearly somebody who has studied not-normal politics and the Constitution and the Electoral College. He is somebody who has studied Hitler and Lenin and a lot of people who have seized power and unleashed blitzkriegs from above and created tiny cabals of power concentrated in a tiny group at the top. That's what authoritarians do. It's right out of the playbook.

If we didn't have the Electoral College there would have been no George W.

Bush presidency. Algore would have been elected. The Democrats have not gotten over that, and they never will get over the recount, the aftermath of that election in 2000. They are still animated by it today. It is a significant portion of the rage and anger they carry around with them every day, so they want to get rid of it.

The Electoral College said that [Donald Trump] is the president, he's the president.But as a president, you also have to build. And if I'm sitting there and part of his team and I go look, we're probably not going to win the next election with 46 percent of the vote, so people like John Lewis and all these other groups, you have to start building bridges toward, this week was a disaster because he is burning bridges, not building them.

Fed and electoral college could use some tinkering, but they are not the source of the problems.