quote by Louis Farrakhan

Because wherever I am today, I still owe it to God and I owe it to two men - the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X and of course, two very special women, my mother and my wife.

— Louis Farrakhan

Jaw-dropping Elijah Muhammad quotations

I loved Elijah Muhammad with a love that I can't adequately describe.

Everything that I'm attempting to do is based on my understanding of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and what he wanted for his people.

I had blind faith in him. My faith in Elijah Muhammad was more blind and more uncompromising than any faith that any man has ever had for another man. And so I didn't try and see him as he actually was.

Jews who have been guilty of exploiting the black people in America, economically, civically, and otherwise, hide behind - hide their guilt by accusing The Honorable Elijah Muhammad of being anti-Semitic, simply because he teaches our people to go into business for ourselves and take over the economic leadership in our own community.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is teaching the black man, you're a human man.

All you have to do is dignify yourself. You don't have to wait for any white man to recognize you. Recognize yourself. Love each other. Practice harmony and brotherhood among your own kind.

As the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, 'justice lays down with you when you lay down, justice gets up with you when you get up.' The requirement of this universally applicable law is that you must do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. When you wake up, you wake up to that law that whatever you put out is going to come back.

If the black man is allowed to separate and go into some land of his own where he can solve his own problems, there won't be any explosion, and the Negroes who want to stay with the white man, let them stay with the white man - but those who want to leave, let them go to The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us the religion of Islam, which is a religion of peace.

Don't condemn if you see a person has a dirty glass of water, just show them the clean glass of water that you have. When they inspect it, you won't have to say that yours is better." -said by Elijah Muhammad to Malcolm X

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us to get away from the devil as soon and as fast as we can.

Not a state within a state, but the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is, is saying that the black man, since the white man, has found it impossible to bring about integration, other than toke on a ta - other than on a token basis, and which proves that the, the two of us, the ex-slave and the master, can't live in the same house as equals.

I feel like a man who has been asleep somewhat and under someone else's control.

I feel that what I'm thinking and saying is now for myself. Before it was for and by the guidance of Elijah Muhammad. Now I think with my own mind, sir!

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us to eat fish during the month of Ramadan.

He is breaking us away from meats. That was a wonderful way to do it and use the month of Ramadan for fish. I did that too during one of my Ramadan's. We would just eat fish.Breaking away from land animals is a right thing to do.

The greatest gift of God to us today is right guidance.

The enemy has money that he can throw at problems but the problems never get solved because we're violating the good guidance and warning that God sent to us through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

America's time, unfortunately, for judgment has come.

In fact, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us it's not just the judgment of America, but it's a judgment of the world that has been affected by the Shaitan, or "Satan" of America.

Moses tried to separate his people from Pharaoh, and when he tried, the magicians tried to fool the people into staying with the Pharaoh, and we look upon these other organizations that are trying to get Negroes to integrate with this doomed white man as nothing but modern-day magicians, and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is a modern-day Moses trying to separate us from the modern-day Pharaoh.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that the way to solve this problem is for the white man to give us some territory of our own. And then our people - we have technical know-how, we have agricultural know-how. We have been working for the white man in his business. In every phase of his government we work.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that the black man in America, for the past 400 years, has been like a boy in the white man's house, begging the white man for a job, for food, clothing and shelter. And then after the white man provides him with all of these things, he turns around and get - has the nerve to get angry at the white man when the white man tries to control his life.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that if the - what should happen is the black man himself should learn how to develop himself, in the same sense that the white man has developed himself. Then they can both come together and recognize each other as equals.

I'll never violate my oath to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to work night and day for the rise of my people. I've been at this for darn near 60 years; I'm too old now to do something different.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that God, now, is about to establish a kingdom on this earth, based upon brotherhood and peace. And the white man is against brotherhood, and the white man is against peace.

We who follow the Honorable Elijah Muhammad feel that when you try and pass integration laws here in America, forcing white people to pretend that they are accepting black people, what you are doing is making white people act in a hypocritical way.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that we should be separate, all right, but in this separate state or separate existence, the black man should be given the opportunity and the incentive to do for himself what the white man has done for himself.

We who follow the teachings of Elijah Muhammad don't want to be forced to integrate. Integration is wrong. We don't want to live with the white man; that's all.

Let us build our own political machine.

You've been in the Democratic Party, you got nothing. We were Republicans at one time, at least, we had a fake declaration of emancipation. No, if you and I unite with that man, and that man is Elijah Muhammad, the Messenger-Messiah, with the help of Allah he said, I will get you what you want and I know what you want for I am your brother.

We need to recognize what Elijah Muhammad said, listen to his words: "We are a nation in a nation." Why not use these 22 million at that time - 50 million people's power for their eternal salvation instead of temporary enjoyment with the same wicked people who murder our people?

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said when the children of Israel rebelled against Moses and Aaron and did not want to leave their slavemaster to build an independent nation of their own under the guidance of God, God chastised them with fiery serpents and cockatrices. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad asked me one day, "do you know what it means fiery serpents"? I said, "no sir." He said, "It means angry White people."

I am not the leader; I am a representative of the leader. The leader is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, whom we believe is very much alive, and is directing me from where he is.

Just like Pharaoh couldn't get a solution to his problem until he talked to Moses, or Nebuchadnezzar or Belshazzar couldn't get a solution to his problem until he talked to Daniel, the white man in America today will never understand the race problem or come anywhere near getting a solution to the race problem until he talks to The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Until the white man in America sits down and talks with The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, he won't even know what the race problem - what makes the race problem what it is.

Because The Honorable Elijah Muhammad makes black people brave enough, men enough to defend ourselves no matter what the odds are, the white man runs around here with a doctrine that Mr. Muhammad is advocating the violence when he is actually telling Negroes to defend themselves against violent people.

The white people who are guilty of white supremacy are trying to hide their own guilt by accusing The Honorable Elijah Muhammad of teaching black supremacy when he tries to uplift the mentality, the social, mental and economic condition of the black people in America.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says number one, [Negro] must know - have a knowledge of himself. And this gives him confidence in himself. He - he has been brainwashed by the educational system that exists here in America to the point where he feels he was a savage in the jungle when he was - before he was brought here. And this destroys his morale.

The Koreans that make their money in our community: If we have a Black bank, you'll find they don't deposit anything of what they take from us into a Black bank that would serve our community. They set up a bank in their own community. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, my Teacher, called people like this "Bloodsuckers of the poor." All they want is to make a dollar, and run.