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There are people in government who don't want other people to know what they know. It's just another example of elitism. And I spit on elitism. Show me an elitist, and I'll show you a loser.

— Tom Clancy

Seductive Elitist quotations

The American citizen must be made aware that today a relatively small group of people is proclaiming its purposes to be the will of the People. That elitist approach to government must be repudiated.

Lists are anti-democratic, discriminatory, elitist, and sometimes the print is too small.

I have not wanted to intimidate audiences.

I have not wanted my dancing to be an elitist form. That doesn't mean I haven't wanted it to be excellent.

I was not a collective person or a bohemian; I was an elitist.

One of the problems that we face through the media attention that these artists receive is that there has been an awful lot of talk about opera and classical music being elite and being for an elitist group.

I think one of the problems the Democrats have today is that they are an elitist party.

I hate elitists. I hate conceited people. I hate pompous people.

Fox News is hated because they're elitists, and the worst winners television's ever seen.

I feel strong in my belief, based on my widely traveled collaborations, that a one-to-one contact through art contains potent peaceful powers, and is the most non-elitist way to share information, hopefully seducing us into creating mutual understandings for the benefit of all.

Most poets are elitist dregs more concerned with proving their skill with a dictionary than communicating ideas with impact.

In its purest sense, nicknaming is an elitist ritual practiced by those who cherish hierarchy. For preppies it's a smoke signal that allows Bunny to tell Pooky that they belong to the same tribe, while among the good old boys it serves the cause of masculine dominance by identifying Bear and Wrecker as Alpha males.

I'm not an elitist. I hate the fashion industry sometimes because it becomes so focused on the elite.

It is a love/hate relationship I have with the human race.

I am an elitist, and I feel that my responsibility is to drag the human race along with me, that I will never pander to, or speak down to, or play the safe game.

Those who say only artists and architects can create are the ones who are elitist.

Gun-control has always been an elitist method of controlling the common.

To me, elitism means a love of excellence and superiority, but America has declared war on both and developed a sick love of the lowest common denominator to make sure no-one becomes too fine for our touted democracy. We are almost at the point of regarding every virtue as elitist.

There's something retro about your persona.

It's like the pre-World War II generation of reporters - those unpretentious, working-class guys who hung around saloons and used rough language. Now they've all been replaced with these effete Ivy League elitists who swarm over the current media. Nerds - utterly dull and insipid.

I've worked with some great orchestras and amazing classical musicians, but I don't like the conceptualization of classical music as an elitist form of art.

Be egalitarian regarding persons. Be elitist regarding ideas.

I think we could all be a bit more elitist.

Middle-class-led reform movements, from the Progressive Era to the War on Poverty, have been marred by an elitist distance from the would-be beneficiaries of reform.

Because I was a woman, I was vulnerable.

It was easy to vilify me and project me as a woman who was not following the tradition of a 'good African woman.'

Maybe I'm an elitist, but I don't feel like I am.

You make music to move people and you don't get to pick who you move.

You just don't. It's exclusionary and elitist and I just never felt that way about music, of all things. The great unifier.

There is nothing more 'elitist' than thinking our palate pleasure can ever justify a second of suffering or a single death. Please go vegan.

I suspect it's because Truman Democrats have been replaced by Gruber Democrats - self-styled elitists who feed lavishly at the public trough and think government should serve them, not the hoi polloi they disdain and deceive.

The humanities don't belong to some elitist group... knowledge as a whole should be embraced.

People get very trapped where they are.

When they hear 'fashion' they get intimidated, particularly at the upper end because it's so elitist.

To conceive music, to execute it in front of others, to make it so others can do it...it can be pretty humbling, and kind of scary. So yeah, I don't really feel in competition with anybody. Not because I feel elitist, but because I have enough self-competition. I'm always struggling.

Art is not an elitist gift for a few select people. Art is for everyone.

I had a very elitist, snobbish, expensive education in India, and that almost destroyed me.

Rock is for everybody; it should be so implicitly anti-elitist that the question of whether somebody's qualified to perform it should never even arise.

It is, of course, the first recourse of every elitist to see social barbarism in others.

The anti-elitist values in America, I think, are very destructive to education.

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