quote by Mac DeMarco

I thought I knew Elton John, but then it was like, "Woah, Elton's a pimp! He's really amazing." And since Billy and Elton are homies, I'm finally getting it - the two piano boys.

— Mac DeMarco

Tremendous Elton John quotations

Freddie Mercury and Elton John are, like, two of the biggest Influences in my whole life. And probably always will be.

I remember Elton John used to be their owner and he is my favourite singer! I hope the match will be an opportunity to meet Elton John!

Elton John's home is laden with trinkets and books relating to Satanism and witchcraft.

I won't apologize for ticket prices. I think we're well worth it. We consider ourselves in the elite touring acts, like the Stones, Elton John, Paul McCartney.

My songwriting is so influenced by orchestrated music, dramatic, super glam rock-y stuff. Two of my biggest influences in songwriting were Elton John and Freddie Mercury.

I wore a lot of vintage clothing. I dressed like a reporter, with a little card in my hat. I had these fantasies of who I wanted to be, so I'd dress like an explorer, a cowboy. I dressed up like Elton John a lot too. That was another period.

I listen to Billy Joel. He is fabulous. I saw him with Elton John when they toured together, it was so great.

It was a free-for-all with music when I was growing up.

My mother was a huge music fanatic so I was listening to everything from country to heavy metal to Indigo Girls to Elton John. I guess when I was really young I didn't like Willie Nelson, and she obviously loved him. Now I do too, I'm so thankful to her for playing his music nonstop.

I have gotten into a lot of trouble in my life for being brutally honest.

Sometimes I put both my feet in my mouth. But like Elton John, I'm still standing.

I've met Nicole Kidman, Elton John, loads of people.

Look at Paul McCartney, look at Elton John.

They're jealous of Justin Timberlake. I'm sure they were jealous of me when I was in my imperial phase.

Liberace was Elton John and Lady Gaga before they even dreamed of it.

You can't have Rosie on The View and Elton John packing Mom and Pop in at Caesars Palace and gay people all over television, and then have these politicians run out there with a straight face and say that gay and lesbian relationships are a threat to the family. We are winning in the culture - which is why we'll ultimately win the political war.

The problem is that the internet IS some kid in a basement with an opinion.

The fact that David Bowie and Elton John told me that they were fans of Helmet - or Neil Young - that means something to me because I grew up on their music and they’re great musicians... That means more to me than some guy who hates the fact that my hair is short.

If Elton John and Madonna had a baby it would be Lady Gaga.

What am I supposed to do if I go bald? Get a wig? Fat, goofy, gay, wig.

I might as well get a piano and start an Elton John tribute act!

I have lots of records, quite a collection, actually, that I stole from my mom.

I have the original 'Thriller' album and I have a really great 'Elton John's Greatest Hits,' and I also have a N.E.R.D. album. Records sound more original. They have more edge.

I've always been into guitars... we want to put keyboards on, but keyboard players don't look cool onstage, they just keep their heads down. There has never been a cool keyboard player, apart from Elton John.

We worked very hard to make the lyrics suit the music.

I can't, like Elton John, for example, compose by lyrics. Elton has a great talent for that. Whatever you give him, including your questions, he composes in half an hour and makes a great song out of it.

I've met Nicole Kidman, Elton John, loads of people.

Elton John's opinion turned the label's opinion around, all in a day.

I think sometimes people believe what they want to believe.

I personally thought I was going to marry Elton John. I was so out of my mind that I really thought that someday I'd meet him and we'd fall in love and live happily ever after.

I never thought about the gayness. Liberace just looked like he was having so much fun. And that whole idea of talking directly to the audience, you just went along with him. He made you happy. And he's finally getting acknowledged for all the Elton John, Lady Gaga, Madonna theatrics now that people are looking at his old costumes.

Marylata [ Elton] introduced me to Hans Zimmer.

Hans tapped me [to] work on songs for DreamWorks' animated features. I arranged Elton John's opening main title for The Road to El Dorado, I played guitars on Shrek for Harry Gregson-Williams and John Powell, I co-produced "I Can See Clearly Now" for Antz.

As far as [Donald] Trump and where he comes down on all this, I really don't know. My wild guess is that Trump is a celebrity and I think he thinks it would be pretty cool if he could get Elton John, if he could get some of these people to show up, but right now they won't, because I'm gonna tell you something.

There are many artists I would like to have the honour to cooperate with.

To accompany Barbara Streisand or Paul McCartney or Elton John would be a dream for me as I have a lot of admiration for their voice, their talent and their charisma.

I lived my teenage years in my 20s when I sort of left home and became Elton John success, then it became Elton John excess... Everything I couldn't do when I was younger I did 10 times over. I was having the time of my life. I was becoming the person that I wanted to be.

I've always loved Elton John and that is one of my favorite songs by him and Bernie (Taupin). The American songbook is ever-expanding and I feel like it works well with what I was trying to say.

My favorite Elton John song is "Daniel";

my son is named Daniel and he's partly named after my wife's father, but also partly named after that song.

Elton John said to me, "I have all the negatives."

The collaboration wish list is huge, very long.

It goes from people like Elton John, for whom I have an unbelievable amount of respect, to Snoop Dogg, whom I also respect a great deal.

I was living in Gainesville, Florida, and our babysitter brought over the soundtrack to The Who's "Tommy" - not the actual record "Tommy", but the soundtrack to the movie with Elton John and Aretha Franklin. I remember hearing it for the first time and it was so confusing. It was like waves and waves of unknowable and indescribable sound coming out of the stereo.

You know, we recently played a benefit with my husband, Elvis Costello, and Sir Elton John, who is a mutual friend of ours. Playing with Elvis and Elton and accompanying them with my band was a pretty euphoric experience.

It depends who they are. If it's Mick (Jagger) or the Old Guard as I call them, yeah, they're the Old Guard. Elton (John), David (Bowie) are the newies. I don't feel like an old uncle, dear, 'cause I'm not that much older than half of 'em, hehe.