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A whole bunch of months passed and I didn't hear anything and then he emailed and asked if I could do a little piece on POD and Queens of the Stone Age. — Chuck Klosterman

I text and email my friends and family a lot, but that's about the extent of my high-tech-etude. — Willie Nelson

We're finding [texting] 11 times more powerful than email [for communicating with kids]. — Nancy Lublin

If I ran the Web, you could email dead people. — Rives

Men won't read any email from a woman that's over 200 words long. — Doug Coupland

I don't email. — Emily Procter

I can't just react on the strength of an email and three pages of synopsis, and say I'm going to take off for three months of my life. — Emmanuelle Beart

I just did a spread in 'Maxim', I'm 35 years old. I've had women and parents email me asking if I should really be doing that, since I'm still considered a role model. — Danica McKellar

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