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I've never met Eminem; you don't meet Eminem. He has his own secret service.

— Chance the Rapper

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But, Eminem... No, I've loved rap for a long time, especially when it got out of its first period and became this gangsta rap, ya know this heavy rap thing? That's when I started to fall in love with it. I loved the lyrics. I loved the beat.

I'm just going to do me; I'm not trying to do the Eminem thing, the D12 thing or the 50 thing.

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We Know that World's best rapper is Eminem and He is White

Some of Eminem's rap songs kind of have the teenage love songs like the fifties love songs. It's kind of like domestic drama set to music. He is really good storyteller.

I have a lot of respect for Jay-Z, Eminem, Ludacris, Cee-Lo. They're groundbreaking.

I found it to be kind of ironic, because I’m white, therefore I’m appropriating culture, but then Eminem won it - who’s white and won it many times - and they didn’t seem to say anything about that. I suspect it was just because they dislike me.

The word we have in Korea for K-Pop is 'Gaio.

' And I guess it's a huge umbrella term. Basically it's like saying Coldplay and Kanye West, or Eminem and Celine Dion, are the same genre.

At first I was just trying to sound like DOOM and Eminem, and then I dug out my own voice I guess.

There are still many great surviving talents: Stevie Winwood.

Another great talent is Stevie Wonder. Another one is Eric Clapton. Another one is Phil Collins. Eminem, Kanye West I like all those people.

I despise hip hop. Loathe it. Eminem is an idiot and I find 50 Cent the most distasteful character I have ever crossed in my life. Eminem's new song about his kid - isn't it the most ridiculous piece of music you have ever heard in your life? I just don't like the dragging women around on dog leads and all that stuff

Who is the best rapper ever? I'll probably have to say Eminem.

I would definitely say Eminem. He came from a whole another culture, literally. Mastered it, outsold everybody and he did every kind of record imaginable. He could take any topic and make a song out of it. I haven't seen any artist do that yet.

People didn't really take white rappers seriously until Eminem, because he was better than everybody. Like female emcees, you need to be like Lauryn Hill or Nicki Minaj or killing everything before somebody takes you seriously.

I'm good at what I do, but I wouldn't be so bold and arrogant as to say something disrespectful about, say, Eminem. He's talented and he's good at what he does.

There are many collaborations I'd like to explore. One is to co-write a rap concerto with Eminem.

Well, Eminem, you know, I know him longer.

Ive been signed to his label since 2001 and he's a good friend.

I didn't get into Tupac [Shakur] until a little later, once I started understanding rap and people's stories. Eminem was the first rapper that I actually started dissecting the lyrics, and once I got attached to his stories, then I started listening to Dr. Dre, then Snoop 'cause they were all under one camp.

Rap to me is a modern blues. But until we really confront the truth, we are going to have a Tupac or Eminem or Biggie Smalls to remind us about it - and thank God.

I never wanted to be known as a local rapper.

Not downing anybody, but you know Gucci, that's cool to me, but I want to be massive. I want to be Kanye. I want to be Eminem.

Slim Shady, Eminem was the old initials.

Well, it's great that critics are comparing me to Eminem, and not Vanilla Ice.

When John Cena came to Raw, he immediately got off on the wrong foot with Eric Bischoff. Eric Bischoff said that he thought John Cena was a would be Eminem, and Lord knows one Eminem is enough, but since that time, I have come to respect and really like this kid. This John Cena is a good guy. You can't say anything differently than that.

Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' is my go-to song to pump myself up if I'm having a tough time or if I get really nervous right before a speech.

In the past I've had public feuds with people, and I have really not benefited from any of them. The feud with Eminem did kind of torpedo my career in the United States, but it also introduced me to Middle America in a way I never could have conceived of.

I was obsessed with Eminem when I was younger.

When he first came out I was about 12 and fanatical about his 'Slim Shady' CD. I think he's a genius.

Something is wrong with Eminem. He has so much in his mind that I almost feel lucky that he has music. I feel like he has so much in his head that music is such a great release for him. He is one of my favorite artists. Absolutely.

The first rap album I bought was Eminem's The Slim Shady LP so I wasn't even based on West Coast rap like that.

I will probably have sex with Eminem after the show is over.

Probably, I dont see why I wouldnt. Im fair game, its not like Im that picky, youve seen the guys Ive dated. I like Swizz Beatz, just because I would like to yell out in bed, Swizz Beatz! Keep it coming!

My favorite song is Eminem's 'Rap God.

' That joint is just incredible, It's six-and-a-half minutes of him just crushing the whole game. It's so different from what I hear if I listen to the radio.

I love Eminem, I love Moby. Why can't we just be friends?

Everybody in the '80s, well, we hate rap.

Now, the biggest rapper in the world... Eminem. Rap's a black thing.

It would be great to see somebody like Kid Rock kissing a man.

But I'm sure that he wouldn't like the prospect of it put to him, and I won't even go there with Eminem.

Eminem is more like a friend. And I'm also a fan on Eminem.

Where's Eminem, when is Em coming out, Em this, Em that, 50 this, 50 that... What about Obie?

Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, Big L, Tupac. That was, like, my top five, generally.