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I sometimes wish I were suffering in a good cause, or risking my life for the good of others, instead of just being a gravely endangered patient.

Christopher Hitchens, author

One single vision fills all minds: that of our independence endangered. One single duty imposes itself upon our wills: the duty of stubborn resistance.

King Albert II, royalty

I don't want Daddy's passion to ever end. I want to help endangered wildlife just like he did.

Bindi Irwin, celebrity

A world in which others controlled the course of their own development, would be a world in which the American system would be seriously endangered.

Benjamin Cohen, journalist

When elected officials abandon our environment and ruin our natural resources, public health is endangered. I know the importance of providing a clean environment for our children; I have attended more than one funeral for a child who has died from an asthma attack.

Gwen Moore, politician

Well, I think breathing life into the Endangered Species Act, taking those wolves back into Yellowstone, restoring the salmon in the rivers of the Pacific Northwest.

Bruce Babbitt, politician

What is a fish without a river? What is a bird without a tree to nest in? What is an Endangered Species Act without any enforcement mechanism to ensure their habitat is protected? It is nothing.

Jay Inslee, politician

When I was in China, Mao was Chairman, and parents were terrified to tell their children anything that differed from the party line in case the children repeated it and endangered the whole family.

Jung Chang, writer

Take the crocodile, for example, my favorite animal. There are 23 species. Seventeen of those species are rare or endangered. They're on the way out, no matter what anyone does or says, you know.

Steve Irwin, scientist

Endangered species are our friends.

Yao Ming, athlete

When you have an advantage, you are obliged to attack; otherwise you are endangered to lose the advantage.

Wilhelm Steinitz, celebrity

The Endangered Species Act is the strongest and most effective tool we have to repair the environmental harm that is causing a species to decline.

Norm Dicks, politician

It's no longer an exaggeration to say that middle-class Americans are an endangered species.

Arianna Huffington, journalist

I take office during the most difficult moment in the country's recent history. The country can be saved - it's up to us. I think it is obvious for those who support this government to undertake the commitment and ensure that our country's euro membership is not endangered.

Lucas Papademos, politician

Even though the album is an endangered species, can we try and make a coherent and good one, even if it's like making a horse and cart at a Nascar conference?

Chris Martin, musician

The real threat to whales is whaling, which has endangered many whale species.

Dave Barry, journalist

In the world of commercial speech, tobacco advertising bears the earmarks of an endangered species.

Jef I. Richards,

Life and liberty can be as much endangered from illegal methods used to convict those thought to be criminals as from the actual criminals themselves.

Earl Warren, judge

The knife of corruption endangered the life of New York City. The scalpel of the law is making us well again.

Edward Koch, politician

Indeed, the whole human species is endangered, by nuclear weapons or by other means of wholesale destruction which further advances in science are likely to produce.

Joseph Rotblat, physicist

Endangered forests are being slaughtered for toilet paper.

Daphne Zuniga, actress

The whale is endangered, while the ant continues to do just fine.

Bill Vaughan, journalist

Chimpanzees are endangered. Severely.

Russell Banks, author

When the public's right to know is threatened, and when the rights of free speech and free press are at risk, all of the other liberties we hold dear are endangered.

Christopher Dodd, politician

We wonder why we have got the Freemen or the militants. We wonder why we have got unrest in this country. It is because our government, in fact, has got out of hand and out of line, with the Endangered Species Act.

Don Young, politician

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