quote by Henri Rousseau

When I go out into the countryside and see the sun and the green and everything flowering, I say to myself "Yes indeed, all that belongs to me!"

— Henri Rousseau

Terrific English Countryside quotations

What is it about the English countryside — why is the beauty so much more than visual? Why does it touch one so?

English countryside quote Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English. It means they know another
Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English. It means they know another language.

The English tradition offers the great tapestry novel, where you have the emotional aspect of a detective's personal life, the circumstances of the crime and, most important, the atmosphere of the English countryside that functions as another character.

English countryside quote It seems to me that once if your life before you die you ought to see a country
It seems to me that once if your life before you die you ought to see a country where they don't talk in English and don't even want to.

The English countryside is the most staggeringly beautiful place.

I can't spend as much time there as I like, but I like everything about it. I like fishing, I like clay- pigeon shooting.

In London I'm not seen in public. I don't go to award ceremonies or gatherings. I just don't go because I like my privacy. I like being with my family and I like being in their company. I work very hard and I don't have much time so I just want to be with my family or in the English countryside. I don't take holidays.

We lived on a farm in the English countryside, where we wrote a lot of our music. You really were treated like an artist during those days-not like product, which is now the mode.

Growing up in the English countryside seemed an interminable process.

Freezing winter gave way to frosty spring, which in turn merged into chilly summer-but nothing ever, ever happened.

As a little girl living in the English countryside, I used to go running around in the forests, creating my own fairy tale.

Of course, the English countryside is completely artificial.

It was naturally a forest; they chopped down the trees and made it into what it is now: really a beautiful country.

In my home country, there was a little shop with old books, but it was really in the countryside. You couldn't find English books. I found this very avant-garde American art book that had information about Georgia O'Keeffe. I was very much impressed by her.

In spite of holidays when I was free to visit London theatres and explore the countryside, I spent four very miserable years as a colonial at an English school.

I live in the English countryside, so I'm surrounded by magpies.

If your first Christmas tree is a wilting eucalyptus and if you're normally troubled by heat and sand... then, to have just at the age when imagination is opening out, suddenly find yourself in a quiet Warwickshire village, I think it engenders a particular love of what you might call central Midlands English countryside. Based on good water, stones and elm trees and small quiet rivers and so on, and of course, rustic people about.

I loved the [English] countryside. I went to John Bonham's grave.

I always have tendency to form very strong local attachments, so I was very keen to find out about the school I was going to, its history, and the countryside. I was acquiring a kind of English character if you like, Englishness about things and my attitudes.

At the beginning of my acting career, I worked for two seasons at the RSC and spent a lot of time in the Cotswolds exploring Shakespeare's countryside. It's my kind of English landscape, with its tiny villages and one-room thatched pubs.