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Ethics is in origin the art of recommending to others the sacrifices required for cooperation with oneself. — Bertrand Russell

I think of mythology as the homeland of the muses, the inspirers of art, the inspirers of poetry. To see life as a poem and yourself participating in a poem is what the myth does for you. — Joseph Campbell

All literature, all philosophical treatises, all the voices of antiquity are full of examples for imitation, which would all lie unseen in darkness without the light of literature. — Marcus Tullius Cicero

Without myth, however, every culture loses its healthy creative natural power: it is only a horizon encompassed with myth that rounds off to unity a social movement. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Each of the arts whose office is to refine, purify, adorn, embellish and grace life is under the patronage of a muse, no god being found worthy to preside over them. — Eliza Farnham

Christian ethics is not primarily an individualistic, one-on-one-with-God brand of personal holiness; rather it has to do with living the life of the Spirit in Christian community and in the world. — Gordon Fee

All ancient history was written with a moral object; the ethical interest predominates almost to the exclusion of all others. — Tacitus

For the myth is the foundation of life; it is the timeless schema, the pious formula into which life flows when it reproduces its traits out of the unconscious. — Thomas Mann

A man is ethical only when life, as such, is sacred to him, that of plants and animals as that of his fellow men, and when he devotes himself helpfully to all life that is in need of help. — Albert Schweitzer

Therefore, even the lover of myth is a philosopher; for myth is composed of wonder. — Aristotle

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  • The more we deny that we have a dark side, the more power it has over us. — Sheryl Lee
  • Vivienne Westwood really inspires me. I love her punk ethos. — Charli XCX
  • Envy is the root of the egalitarian ethos. — Robert Stacy McCain
  • What I do deny is that you can build any enduring society without some such mystical ethos. — Herbert Read
  • No one can deny the excitement of visiting another world. — Bernard M. Oliver
  • No one who is at all acquainted with the Indian in his home can deny that we are a polite people. — Charles Alexander Eastman
  • A universal ethos cannot be thought the property of any one culture. — Prince Hassan bin Talal
  • To deny the freedom of the will is to make morality impossible. — James Anthony Froude
  • The satiric ethos of Mad was a much bigger childhood influence. — Alison Bechdel
  • Reading more than life teaches us to recognize ethos and pathos. — Mason Cooley

Ethic Quotes

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Live by the creed that a strong work ethic, playing by the rules, and doing things the right way will bring about opportunities for success and, ultimately, happiness. — Nick Saban

No responsibility of government is more fundamental than the responsibility of maintaining the highest standard of ethical behavior for those who conduct the public business. — John F. Kennedy

Apart from values and ethics which I have tried to live by, the legacy I would like to leave behind is a very simple one - that I have always stood up for what I consider to be the right thing, and I have tried to be as fair and equitable as I could be. — Ratan Tata

Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the oftener and more steadily we reflect on them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me. — Immanuel Kant

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Do the right thing because it is right. — Immanuel Kant

You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

My choice early in life was either to be a piano player in a whorehouse or a politician. To tell the truth, there's hardly a difference. — Harry S. Truman

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How sweet to be a Cloud. Floating in the Blue! — A. A. Milne

No amount of cajolery, and no attempts at ethical or social seduction, can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin. — Aneurin Bevan

Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth. — Franklin D. Roosevelt

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WOMEN must be at the forefront of nation-building to bring the South African citizenry together and, therefore, develop a whole new ethos of human co-existence — Steven Biko

Given that they are so wrong, how do the ideologues defend their idea pathogens? Under totalitarian regimes, the solution is direct. You criminalize if not violently suppress or kill any dissenting voices. In the West, the ideological indoctrination is subtler. It is achieved by an ethos of political correctness and best enforces by creating university campuses that lack intellectual diversity. — Gad Saad

In the West, the ideological indoctrination is subtler. It is achieved by an ethos of political correctness and best enforced by creating university campuses that lack intellectual diversity. Political correctness is like the sting of the spider wasp. Recall that the afflicted spider is dragged to the wasp’s burrow in a zombie-like state and is subsequently eaten in vivo by the wasp’s offspring. — Gad Saad

As someone who escaped religious persecution in Lebanon and whose parents were kidnapped in Beirut, I fully support the protection of all individuals from institutional discrimination. That said, I am weary of the ethos of victimhood that has parasitized our culture. — Gad Saad

Notwithstanding the supposed egalitarian ethos of some hunter-gatherer societies, humans are a hierarchical social species. We care greatly about where we stand in comparison to some relevant reference group. — Gad Saad

Secularism and pluralism are two of the defining ethos of Western societies. The former decouples religion from governmental institutions whilst the latter seeks to protect the rights of all citizens to freely practice their creed. — Gad Saad

A society is only as great as the values that it enshrines as part of its ethos. A society is only as great as the extent to which it is willing to defend its identity. — Gad Saad

I like to call the ethos I grew up with 'Oklahoma values.' But you'd be just as accurate if you said 'American values.' Except for our lack of a seacoast, Oklahoma has a little bit of just about everything that's American. — J. C. Watts

Puritanism carried the ethos of the rational organization of capital and labor. It took over from the Jewish ethic only what was adapted to this purpose. — Max Weber

My mother and I were on welfare and food stamps until I was 18, so I've always had this ethos of, like, 'try and make a little bit of money now because you don't know what's going to happen tomorrow.' — Moby

Without restoring an ethos of social responsibility, there can be no meaningful and sustained economic recovery. — Jeffrey Sachs

A part of my kind of design and inspiration ethos is that I carry around a leather notebook and I sketch in it, doodle in it, write notes in it and I put pictures in it. — John Varvatos

In the gospel message, the beginning of change occurs in the heart of each individual. This heart change makes a difference in the home, then in the community, and ultimately in the nation- and in turn it shapes the future of a cultural ethos. — Ravi Zacharias

Throughout the three decades preceding the Civil War, the anticlerical ethos of the radical abolitionists was used against them by religious opponents of emancipation, who . . . even described abolitionism itself as an atheist plot. — Susan Jacoby

It would be nice if all that exuberance and abundance was connected to a deep ethos of planetary responsibility. — William McDonough

The great danger of the new media is that it seems to relish the superficial. There has been an ethos within the Church for many years to pursue an accommodationist strategy in regards to the culture, and this has resulted in a public presentation of the Faith that is often nebulous or "dumbed down." — Robert Barron

Science is very vibrant. There are always new observations to be found. And it's all in the interest in challenging the authority that came before you. That's consistent with the punk rock ethos that suggests that you should not take what people say at face value. — Greg Graffin

Dig deep into its communitarian ethos and it reads more like an America that might have been, an America fervently devoted to the quaint goals of working together and getting along. Of course, this America does exist. It's called Canada. — Sarah Vowell

The ethos of not fooling yourself is one of the best you could possibly have. It's powerful because it's so rare. — Charlie Munger

Part of the American ethos is that you want to leave something better for your kids than you had and I know that my parents felt that way and I know that my grandparents felt that way and everybody worked hard so that their kids had a better chance. I just don't want to be the first generation that doesn't do that. — Matt Damon

No one will deny that the excessive use of alcohol and alcoholic beverages would do more than any other single factor to make impossible a total war effort. — William Lyon Mackenzie

What it really is and what I now have experienced is that, people who take enormous pride in what they're doing - not in their person - that their work ethos is as high as nowhere else.That they love their jobs, they love to do their jobs properly as best they can. And coupled with the financial umph, you know, you get decent results. — Christoph Waltz

We don't necessarily stand by our faults every time, but we will always stand by our methodologies and ethos. — Adam Savage

Imagine living in a world where there is no domination, where females and males are not alike or even always equal, but where a vision of mutuality is the ethos shaping our interaction. — Bell Hooks

Aristotle writes that persuasion is based on three things: the ethos, or personal character of the speaker; the pathos, or getting the audience into the right kind of emotional receptivity; and the logos, or the argument itself, carried out by abbreviated syllogisms, or something like deductive syllogisms, and by the use of example. — Randal Marlin

The ethos of redemption is realied in self-mastery, by means of temperance, that is, continence of desires. — Pope John Paul II

So, economics should emulate physics' basic ethos, but its search for precision in physics-like formulas is almost always wrong in economics. — Charlie Munger

When the responses elicited by the Epic of Evolution are gathered together several religious principles emerge that I can believe, serve as a framework for a global Ethos. — Ursula Goodenough

I came up around people who took acting seriously, who cared about acting, cared about the theater and, in the '70s, made movies that said something that mattered. I came up with those people, and I was a kid. Their ethos and credo became mine. — Laurence Fishburne

Fear stimulates us to take action and can be our friend, but if you act as though fear is not there-if you deny it-it will build and create barriers. — Darren Johnson

We should never lose sight of the ethos that has made the Marine Corps - where 'every Marine is a rifleman' - one of America's cherished institutions and one of the world's most feared and respected fighting forces — Robert M. Gates

A spiritual sensibility encourages us to see ourselves as part of the fundamental unity of all being. If the thrust of the market ethos has been to foster a competitive individualism, a major thrust of many traditional religious and spiritual sensibilities has been to help us see our connection with all other human beings. — Michael Lerner

A lot of my life has involved with helping create cultures that have as their basis this vision of the sharing, the partaking of a certain ethos together. — Anne Waldman

I don't mind doing two or three Eagles songs and playing the drums. I'm not one of those artists who's going to sit here and deny the past. — Don Henley

The most important thing for me was to never, ever, ever deny it. But I didn't really have the courage to talk about it. I was thinking, The people who need to know I'm gay know. — Portia de Rossi

The life's work of Walt Disney and Ray Kroc had come full-circle, uniting in perfect synergy. McDonald's began to sell its hamburgers and french fries at Disney's theme parks. The ethos of McDonaldland and of Disneyland, never far apart, have finally become one. Now you can buy a Happy Meal at the Happiest Place on Earth. — Eric Schlosser

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