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We're very proud to be part of the eurozone. But this comes with obligations and it is crucial we show the world we can live up to those obligations. — Georgios A. Papandreou

More cuts were needed to avoid exiting the eurozone. — Lucas Papademos

The participation of our country in the eurozone is a guarantee for the country's monetary stability. It is a driver of financial prosperity. — Lucas Papademos

Dealing with Greece's problems will be more difficult if Greece is not a member of the eurozone. — Lucas Papademos

Our eurozone partners have made it clear: The choice is between staying in or getting out of the eurozone. — Lucas Papademos

I thank all of those deputies who supported the government and gave it a vote of confidence. I believe each of those votes represents a responsible decision to avoid placing our country's membership of the eurozone in danger. — Lucas Papademos

We all have our problems and we are working to find a solution to ours and also to help the eurozone. We expect that other countries should do the same, that they be prudent in their statements. — Mariano Rajoy

We must break up the eurozone. We must set those Mediterranean countries free. — Nigel Farage