quote by Sylvia Day

If souls could be mated with wishes, ours would be inextricably entwined.

— Sylvia Day

Colorful Eva Tramell quotations

B.O.B. and I have a longtime understanding - when we're done with each other, we know exactly which one of us has been used, and it isn't me. Good night Gideon.

I’ve always seen you, angel. From the moment you found me, I’ve seen nothing but you.

..nothing in your past can change how I feel about you. And God knows I’m no saint.

What I want is for both of us to feel safe.

What you and I have together shouldn't be draining us like this. It should be the one rock-solid thing we both count on.

Why? Why would you do that?” "You have your way of dealing with jealousy and I have mine.

I'd stop the world from spinning for you

What’s a little calming distraction for your girlfriend in the midst of world entertainment domination?” “I’d stop the world from spinning for you.” That silly line oddly touched me. “I love you.” “Liked that one, did you?

Gideon was an untamed animal behind closed doors, a lover who bared me to the soul every time he made love to me.

You have a transportation fetish. I have a Gideon fetish. It's been weeks.

What are you doing?" he breathed. "You're going around, stirring up everything." "I've got time on my hands," I shot back, just as breathless, "since I dumped my asshat boyfriend." He growled, fiercely passionate, his hand in my hair pulling so tightly it pained me. "You can't make this up with a kiss or a f*ck, Gideon. Not this time." Gideon & Eva

I flipped the good doctor the bird. Snorting, Gideon caught my hand and pulled me back down the hall. "What is it with you and giving people the finger?" "What? It's a classic.

I want to sympathize, I do, but the love triangle is just too delicious.

The determined rock star and the possessive billionaire. Rawr.

What would I do without you? You're never going to find out.

I have one one type: Eva Lauren Tramell. That’s it.” I rolled my eyes. “Okay. Whatever.