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    A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.

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    We are glorious accidents of an unpredictable process with no drive to complexity, not the expected results of evolutionary principles that yearn to produce a creature capable of understanding the mode of its own necessary construction.

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    Are we at some kind of evolutionary equipoise as a species? Or, are we destined to become something different - something, perhaps, even better adapted to the environment?

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    There can be no evolutionary advantage to laying down memories of childhood or perceiving the color of a rose if it doesn't affect the way you're going to move later in life.

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    I discovered that while I'd been busy playing business games, there'd been this incredible revolution in so many areas of interest: cosmology to psychology to evolutionary psychology to anthropology ... all this stuff had changed.

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    Cancer could be thought of as a strange, short-lived, self-destructive life form - an evolutionary dead end.

  7. 4

    Perhaps violence, like pornography, is some kind of an evolutionary standby system, a last-resort device for throwing a wild joker into the game?

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    When you awaken to what I call the Authentic Self, which is the spiritual or evolutionary impulse, what begins to emerge is the dawning recognition of the fact that each one of us, at our highest level, is that Authentic Self, which is actually the same energy and intelligence that originally inspired the entire creative process. You begin to intuit and feel directly connected to the very impulse that initiated the whole event fourteen billion years ago and is driving it right now.

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    It is the moment of evolutionary truth for the race, and what man does with that moment will be more important than the events of the previous millenium.

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    Evolutionary psychology is one of four sciences that are bringing human nature back into the picture.

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