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It's not the drinking to be blamed, but the excess. — John Selden

Excess generally causes reaction, and produces a change in the opposite direction, whether it be in the seasons, or in individuals, or in governments. — Plato

All excess is ill, but drunkenness is of the worst sort. It spoils health, dismounts the mind, and unmans men. It reveals secrets, is quarrelsome, lascivious, impudent, dangerous and bad. — William Penn

It is possible to have too much of a good thing. — Aesop

Somebody once said we never know what is enough until we know what's more than enough. — Billie Holiday

Always deliver more than expected. — Larry Page

The superfluous, a very necessary thing. — Voltaire

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The excessive increase of anything causes a reaction in the opposite direction. — Plato

Excess quote

Sometimes something worth doing is worth overdoing. — David Letterman

Too much of a good thing is wonderful. — Mae West

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  • Excessive liberty and excessive servitude are equally dangerous, and produce nearly the same effect. — Zoroaster
  • Excessive fear and self-doubt that were the greatest detractors of personal genius. — Robert Kiyosaki
  • The idea is there locked inside. All you have to do is remove the excess stone. — Michelangelo
  • Many dishes make many diseases. — Vietnamese Proverbs
  • What’s too much isn’t healthy. — Polish Proverbs
  • Life etches itself onto our faces as we grow older, showing our violence, excesses or kindnesses. — Rembrandt
  • Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess. — Oscar Wilde
  • We are living in the excesses of freedom. Just take a look at 42nd Street and Broadway. — Will Durant
  • Conjuring is a profession in which no one errs through excess of modesty. — Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin
  • Quarrels often arise in marriages when the bridal gifts are excessive. — Antisthenes

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Excess quote by Oscar Wilde

Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess. — Oscar Wilde

Excess quote Excess of sorrow laughs, excess of joy weeps.
Excess of sorrow laughs, excess of joy weeps.

Anything In Excess Quotes

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Anything in excess is a poison. — Theodore Levitt

We are a culture that relies on technology over community, a society in which spoken and written words are cheap, easy to come by, and excessive. Our culture says anything goes; fear of God is almost unheard of. We are slow to listen, quick to speak, and quick to become angry. — Francis Chan

What fun it would be to be poor, as long as one was excessively poor! Anything in excess is most exhilarating — Jean Anouilh

Earnest in practicing the ordinary virtues, and careful in speaking about them, if, in his practice, he has anything defective, the superior man dares not but exert himself; and if, in his words, he has any excess, he dares not allow himself such license. — Confucius

You gotta take care of yourself; you cant do anything in excess. — Jorge Posada

Moral virtue is a mean . . . between two vices, one of excess and the other of defect; . . . it is such a mean because it aims at hitting the middle point in feelings and in actions. This is why it is a hard task to be good, for it is hard to find the middle point in anything. — Aristotle

For me, there will be no enemies but unemployment, the deficit, excessive debt, economic stagnation and anything else that keeps our country in these critical circumstances. — Mariano Rajoy

I have excessive energy, tremendous energy. I have a sense of people. I can feel them, pretty much so, in a short time. I'm not afraid of death. I'm just not afraid of anything. — Cecil Williams

Nothing is good in moderation. You cannot know good in anything until you have torn the heart out of it by excess. — Oscar Wilde

More than anything else I recall being, or trying very deliberately to be, a perfect child. Not a Goody Two-shoes, but a kid who did good, who worked hard and met every expectation. I strove to achieve in the excessive way that psychotherapists tend to regard with concern. — James McGreevey

Love In Excess Quotes

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Most of all, I love Manchester. The crumbling warehouses, the railway arches, the cheap abundant drugs. That's what did it in the end. Not the money, not the music, not even the guns. That is my heroic flaw: my excess of civic pride. — Tony Wilson

We must never expect discretion in first love: it is accompanied by such excessive joy that unless the joy is allowed to overflow, it will choke you. — Alexandre Dumas

When love is in excess, it brings a man no honor, no worthiness. — Euripides

Conceit, more rich in matter than in words, Brags of his substance, not of ornament: They are but beggars that can count their worth; But my true love is grown to such excess, I cannot sum up half my sum of wealth. — William Shakespeare

The cause of all sins in every case lies in the person's excessive love of self. — Plato

How mutable are our feelings, and how strange is that clinging love we have of life even in the excess of misery! — Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Excessive love in loathing ever ends. — Ovid

It's a bit like school camp, shooting a film. Everyone's on heat. It's a strange energy. It's full of adrenalin. I funnel my excess energy in funny little ways. I do a lot of dancing in my trailer. I love music. — Alice Englert

Yet, whether to the glory or to the shame of human nature, in what we call pleasure (with an excess of scorn, perhaps) there are abysses as deep as those of love. — Jules Amedee Barbey d'Aurevilly

Women are the only realists; their whole object in life is to pit their realism against the extravagant, excessive, and occasionally drunken idealism of men. — Gilbert K. Chesterton

Excess Is Bad Quotes

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Ignorance of all things is an evil neither terrible nor excessive, nor yet the greatest of all; but great cleverness and much learning, if they be accompanied by a bad training, are a much greater misfortune. — Plato

Nature never hurries: atom by atom, little by little, she achieves her work. The lesson one learns from yachting or planting is the manners of Nature; patience with the delays of wind and sun, delays of the seasons, bad weather, excess or lack of water. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

A moderate addiction to money may not always be hurtful; but when taken in excess it is nearly always bad for the health. — Clarence Day

The greatest miracle that the Almighty could perform would be to make a bad man happy, even in heaven; he must unparadise that blessed place to accomplish it. In its primary signification, all vice--that is, all excess--brings its own punishment even here. — Charles Caleb Colton

As the sense of smell is so intimately connected with that of taste, it is not surprising that an excessively bad odour should excite wretching or vomitting in some persons. — Charles Darwin

Excessive self-criticism is a bad habit and extraordinarily self-destructive. Don't be your own worst enemy! — Bryant H. McGill

A life which goes excessively against natural impulse is... likely to involve effects of strain that may be quite as bad as indulgence in forbidden impulses would have been. People who live a life which is unnatural beyond a point are likely to be filled with envy, malice and uncharitableness. — Bertrand Russell

Excess is not really something I consider a bad thing; especially when you are talking about living. — Oscar de la Renta

A review of studies by physicians found that excessive exercise is bad for your heart. Another study says a daily serving of chocolate is actually good for your heart. That's got to make next year New Year's resolution easier to keep. "I'm going to exercise less. Eat a little more chocolate. — Jay Leno

Neither is a dictionary a bad book to read. There is no can't in it, no excess of explanation, and it is full of suggestion, the raw material of possible poems and histories. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

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I just want your extra time and your.......... Kiss — Prince

I think Bigfoot is blurry, that's the problem. It's not the photographer's fault. Bigfoot is blurry, and that's extra scary to me. There's a large, out-of-focus monster roaming the countryside. Run, he's fuzzy, get out of here. — Mitch Hedberg

Clearly it's not easy for woman in modern society, no matter where we live. We still have to go extra mile to prove that we are equal to men. We have to work longer hours and make more sacrifices. And we must emotionally protect ourselves from unfair, often vicious attacks made on us. — Benazir Bhutto

One of the most important principles of success is developing the habit of going the extra mile. — Napoleon Hill

There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle. — Deepak Chopra

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It is an extra dividend when you like the girl you've fallen in love with. — Clark Gable

The appetizer is just an excuse for an extra meal. Let's see, I will start with the eighty buffalo wings. — Jim Gaffigan

Love is the extra effort we make in our dealings with those whom we do not like and once you understand that, you understand all. This idea that love overtakes you is nonsense. This is but a polite manifestation of sex. To love another you have to undertake some fragment of their destiny. — Quentin Crisp

I'd imagine the whole world was one big machine. Machines never come with any extra parts, you know. They always come with the exact amount they need. So I figured, if the entire world was one big machine, I couldn't be an extra part. I had to be here for some reason. — Asa Butterfield

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. — Jimmy Johnson

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Cognitive therapy seeks to alleviate psychological stresses by correcting faulty conceptions and self-signals. By correcting erroneous beliefs we can lower excessive reactions. — Aaron T. Beck

Though liberty is established by law, we must be vigilant, for liberty to enslave us is always present under that very liberty. Our Constitution speaks of the "general welfare of the people." Under that phrase all sorts of excesses can be employed by lusting tyrants to make us bondsmen. — Marcus Tullius Cicero

Democracy has two excesses to avoid: the spirit of inequality, which leads to an aristocracy, or to the government of a single individual; and the spirit of extreme equality, which conducts it to despotism, as the despotism of a single individual finishes by conquest. — Baron de Montesquieu

Extreme taxation, excessive controls, oppressive government competition with business, frustrated minorities and forgotten Americans are not the products of free enterprise. They are the residue of centralized bureaucracy, of government by a self-anointed elite. — Ronald Reagan

It is better to err by excess of mercy than by excess of severity. . .Wilt thou become a Saint? Be severe to thyself but kind to others. — Saint John Chrysostom

Heaven grew weary of the excessive pride and luxury of China... I am from the Barbaric North. I wear the same clothing and eat the same food as the cowherds and horse-herders. We make the same sacrifices and we share.. our riches. I look upon the nation as a new-born child and I care for my soldiers as though they were my brothers. — Genghis Khan

If music be the food of love, play on, Give me excess of it; that surfeiting, The appetite may sicken, and so die. — William Shakespeare

Nations are not ruined by one act of violence, but gradually and in an almost imperceptible manner by the depreciation of their circulating currency, through its excessive quantity. — Nicolaus Copernicus

The evils we experience flow from the excess of democracy. The people do not want virtue, but are the dupes of pretended patriots. — Elbridge Gerry

You know how most illnesses have symptoms you can recognize? Like fever, upset stomach, chills, whatever. Well, with manic depression, it's sexual promiscuity, excessive spending, and substance abuse - and that just sounds like a fantastic weekend in Vegas to me! — Carrie Fisher

Americans are overreaching; overreaching is the most admirable and most American of the many American excesses. — George Will

Most of the time common stocks are subject to irrational and excessive price fluctuations in both directions as the consequence of the ingrained tendency of most people to speculate or gamble... to give way to hope, fear and greed. — Benjamin Graham

Yearning for Allah and His meeting is like the gentle breeze blowing upon the heart, extinguishing the blaze of the Dunya. Whosoever caused his heart to settle with his Lord shall be in a state, calm and tranquility, and whosoever sent it amongst the people shall be disturbed and excessively perturbed. — Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya

Political extremism involves two prime ingredients: an excessively simple diagnosis of the world's ills, and a conviction that there are identifiable villains back of it all. — John W. Gardner

The basis of the free market is anytime you can generate revenue or profit, you've created value in excess of the resources you consume in a society. — Michael Saylor

The obese is in a total delirium. For he is not only large, of a size opposed to normal morphology: he is larger than large. He no longer makes sense in some distinctive opposition, but in his excess, his redundancy. — Jean Baudrillard

Young children are unlikely to have their self-esteem strengthened from excessive praise or flattery. On the contrary, it may raise some doubts in children; many children can see through flattery and may even dismiss an adult who heaps on praise as a poor source of support-one who is not very believable. — Lilian Katz

If you subtracted all of the great artists who never drank, who never went to excess, you wouldn't have any more art left. What kind of poem are you gonna get out of a glass of iced tea? — David Lee Roth

In its simplest form, investors sell losing stocks before the end of the current year, realizing losses that reduce the year’s income taxes. This behavior contributes to the so-called January effect where selling pressure in December further depresses the stock prices of the year’s losers, followed by a rebound and excessive performance in January. — Edward O. Thorp

The financial crisis and the Great Recession left firms with excess capacity, reducing incentives to invest. — Jerome Powell

There is nearly universal consensus that we should prohibit selling and serving alcohol to minors because wine, beer, and spirits can be addictive and, when used to excess, ruinous for their health. Is excess sugar any different? — Daniel Lieberman

Insufficient sleep does not, therefore, push the brain into a negative mood state and hold it there. Rather, the under-slept brain swings excessively to both extremes of emotional valence, positive and negative. — Matthew Walker

For there is no defense for a man who, in the excess of his wealth, has kicked the great altar of Justice out of sight. — Aeschylus

We now know that human transformation does not happen through didacticism or through excessive certitude, but through the playful entertainment of another scripting of reality that may subvert the old given text and its interpretation and lead to the embrace of an alternative text and its redescription of reality. — Walter Brueggemann

The best way to deal with excessive thinking is to just listen to it, to listen to the mind. Listening is much more effective than trying to stop thought or cut it off. — Ajahn Amaro

When blood insulin levels are high, those same fat cells store not only the excess glucose but the fat you ate at your last meal. Moreover, high insulin signals the fat cells to hold on to the fat and not release it for energy. If the pattern of high insulin-generating meals continues, fat cells swell up, and you gain weight. — Mark Sisson

The grace of God is dangerous. It's lavish, excessive, outrageous, and scandalous. God's grace is ridiculously inclusive. Apparently God doesn't care who He loves. He is not very careful about the people He calls His friends or the people He calls His church. — Mike Yaconelli

There should exist among the citizens neither extreme poverty nor again excessive wealth, for both are productive of great evil. — Plato

A national debt if it is not excessive will be to us a national blessing; it will be powerfull cement of our union. It will also create a necessity for keeping up taxation to a degree which without being oppressive, will be a spur to industry. — Alexander Hamilton

When you have energy companies like Shell and British Petroleum, both of which are perhaps represented in this room, saying there is a problem with excess carbon dioxide emission, I think we ought to listen. — James Baker

This isn't a picture filled with wonder and a sense of fun; it's so jaded and crass that I almost wonder if it's a highly unscientific experiment designed to gauge how little audiences will settle for these days. Manic and multicolored, "Speed Racer" is an excess of nothingness. — Stephanie Zacharek

It is possible that the distinction between moral relativism and moral absolutism has sometimes been blurred because an excessively consistent practice of either leads to the same practical result — ruthlessness in political life. — Richard Hofstadter

The history of the twentieth century was dominated by the struggle against totalitarian systems of state power. The twenty-first will no doubt be marked by a struggle to curtail excessive corporate power. — Eric Schlosser

Going back to a simpler life based on living by sufficiency rather than excess is not a step backward. Rather, returning to a simpler way allows us to regain our dignity, puts us in touch with the land, and makes us value human contact again. — Yvon Chouinard

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